Thursday, October 02, 2008

I mean how could not watch tonight's vice-presidential debate? This is a comedic gold mine.

On one side you have Joe Biden, who in the past month alone has openly disagreed with Obama, has gotten his past presidents mixed up, and just recently said that Ms. Clinton was more qualified to be the Vice-Presidential selection. Not only that, but Senator Biden just has an overall smartass aura about him.

And then on the other side, you have Ms Palin, who gives answers the way I used to write papers during my last year of high school and my first year of college: Long, extremely vague, and only a hint of intelligence in there. Just like Biden, the longer she talks, the more nervous her supporters seem to get. When you throw in the fact that she's relatively unknown still, this has the makings of beautiful debate tonight. I will definitely have some red wine handy.

So, what I think we have here is a New England-New York Giants situation. During the two weeks before the Super Bowl, all you heard was how New England could not lose and they were playing against history, not the Giants. The media questioned Eli Manning's big game ability, and they said that the Giants would be overmatched and outclassed because they weren't used to performing on the big game stage. So what happened? The Giants pulled off the historic upset, the Patroits choked and the media did an about face. I think Palin is going to win handily tonight, and McCain is going to get a nice boost in the polls..until the House rejects this bailout bill for the second time. Then he's going to start campaigning to push back the election. ..


Anonymous said...

the more i think about it.. i might hit up euphoria for some antics..a lightly drink peppered discussion might be good.

Miss. Lady said...

I really think Palin is "playing" dumb and will come out really strong in the debate impressing people all through the nation; so I hope Biden is really prepared for it.

Arlene said...

Palin is a looser! She sold her soul to the devil when she agreed to become the rethugs bitch. One night of over rehearsed, acted talk and charm is not even going to come close to qualifiying her as a winner of the debate let alone the VPOTUS.

JazzBrew said...

...but all she needs to do is look good tonight. I'm serious. Our short attention span, flash in the pan loving country will fall for a rehearsed/coached Palin - hook, line and sinker.

Again... we re-elected Bush. I do not give anyone the benefit of the doubt.