Monday, October 06, 2008

The new guy at my job has been here for about two weeks, and I have not had a single solitary complaint about him until now. He does this thing when he comes up in my office without asking if I'm busy or in the middle of something, and he just starts talking and asking questions. I can be on the phone, typing something, in deep thought, and it simply does not matter to him. So today, not only does he just bust in my office, but he violates my personal space in the worst way. Now its bad enough when another man is all up in your face, but the situation is augmented when the man in question smokes cigarettes like Andrew Dice Clay. So here he is trying to talk about work-related issues with me, and he's two inches from my face, and all I am doing is eyeing the pack of Trident gum on my desk, wishing I could use the Force or a Jedi Mind Trick to get it in his mouth(that's what she said). Thankfully he got up and left my office after 10 minutes or so, but not before thoroughly disrespecting my nose hairs. I'm not sure whether he's googled me and found my blog online, but if he has, and he's reading this..sorry bro, but this was just too much of a violation for me NOT to speak on it.

And I am well aware that my beloved Eagles not only lost to the Washington RacistNames, but we are in last place. I can take my medicine like a man.


Janelle said...

your former farty officemate put him up to it. It's a conspiracy, son! C-O-N-spiracy!!!! hahahahaha

JazzBrew said...

If it makes you feel better my "Super Bowl Bound" Chargers got beat by the up and coming Dolphins. No joy in mudville. Bill Parcell’s track record for fixing sorry teams remains in tact.

I don't understand dudes who feel it necessary to get close to other dudes when they are talking at work. I'm not talking about whispering - I'm talking regular convo. If I can smell you or your breath -- you are too damn close (or need some hygiene lessons).

Damn Rashad... I used be nice. You're rubbing off on me.

£ said...

i am too through with the eagles right now. TOO. THROUGH.

oh and you have a close talking coworker. aren't they the greatest!

next time he gets all up in your face ask him which brand of ciggies he prefers. he'll get the hint.