Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Every year around this time my parents lobby for my services during Thanksgiving. My mother uses the direct approach by asking, "Are you coming with me to Cleveland for Thanksgiving?" and my father uses the cool, subtle approach by asking, "So um, what are your Thanksgiving plans?" and then once he hears my answer, he says, "Oh ok that should be fun...I'll just be hanging around". I love both my parents dearly, but they can both kiss my ass this year. I'm going to lady's sister's house during the day, and then at night I have a Wizards game to cover. If my parents question me, I'll say, "This is the year you all's divorce bites you in the ass". Holidays are depressing enough without hearing your parents grovel for your attention. And what's good about me anyway? All I do is eat, watch football, nod on the couch and then leave. That's not exciting.

So it looks like I'll be doing Yoga after this physical therapy for my back is over. I've always heard how good yoga is for posture, for mental health and all that jazz, but I usually blow it off and say its feminine. But I read up on it last night, and it definitely looks like it will be helpful. But here's the quandary I may find myself in while I'm trying to heal my back. Do I want to be in yoga class with mostly men? Do we high five when we hold a particular position successfully or go out for beer and celery afterwards? Do I call him up before class and say, "Man, are you going to yoga today?" Or do I want a class with mostly women who are parading their T&A everywhere, threatening to cause my lady to withhold or withdraw the lovin? Perhaps I'm overthinking here. My health is the key here, so that should be all that matters...but its my job to overthink.

Read my article that I linked to below.


Chubbs said...

lol...seriously, it's all about your well-being, so please don't choose yoga based on the male-female ratio. I go to a class with a mix of men and women, but mostly women, and the last thing I'm thinking about are the guys or whether or not they're picturing me naked during my downward dog. But, maybe I'm looking at things from a woman's perspective. All I can say is you certainly cannot choose a good yoga class based solely on the gender of the participants. And I can also assure you, you'll have no luck finding a predominantly male yoga class...perhaps in Dupont...but for the most part, yoga is filled with women (even in Dupont). So, here's my honest-to-goodness experience-based advice:

Choose a class based on the instructor and the type of yoga that will be beneficial to your body (particularly your back). Some studios will even offer classes for people with back problems. And finally, I once took a class at Tranquil Space in Dupont...and I still get newsletters from them. You should check it out. Happy hunting!

rashad said...

Good looking out Chubbs!

Jazzbrew said...

I picked my yoga class based on location. The studio is very close to my home and I can even walk/ride my bike there if I want.

I got into yoga initially for the breathing benefits which would help my trumpet playing. I remember my first yoga class... kicked my butt. I remember trying to hang with all these women without taking a break and it damn near killed me.

I do wish there were some dudes there so we could high five, fist/chest bump after a particularly difficult pose. That was hilarious but yeah... I'd do it.

Chubbs advice pretty much nailed it. Also - check out Thai Yoga massage. I'm hooked on them as well.

Sab D said...

You out cold ... your moms is going to put the crazy guilt trip on you, so be prepared.

I did yoga - in a suburban environment with middle aged women of another culture. Then they start asking me 100s of questions. I enjoyed the work out, I felt taller than Wilt Chamberlin - just never indulged into my classmates like Wilt would have though.

Janelle said...

Ummm can you call my grandmother and tell them I can't go to her house either for thanksgiving?? see that's what friends are for????

Okay, I've never seen a man in my yoga class (well once at bikram yoga but we play for the same team if you catch my drift...LOL). With that said, good luck finding a class (listen to Chubbs). Then blog about your experiences because knowing you and your Larry David tendencies there WILL be some stories to tell. hahahahahahaa