Tuesday, November 04, 2008

How do you know whether you are really in love or not? It is based on a little something I like to call, "recovery time".

Whenever you argue with someone, first there is an internal decision making process. First you decide whether this is an argument worth pursuing, then you think about your tactic during this argument, and then you go in. There is usually arguing, pointing, excitable body language, and sometimes there may even be a little cursing. Neither side really intends to be mean and nasty, they are simply trying to win this argument. Then, after the emotions are emptied, and the points have somewhat been made there is separation time. You've said your piece, and now you want a little bit of space from this person, so you don't murder them and say something you will regret. The time in between this space you take, and when you start taking strides to repair things is called recovery time.

Now, when you are with someone who you don't really care about, that recovery time can took a good three or four days. You will give that person the silent treatment, slam doors and cupboards when they are around, and answer every question with, "its whatever", "do what you want" and " I don't care". Your intent here isn't to make things right with the person, your intent is to hold out and be angry until they give in and apologize first.

But when you are really in love and an you really care about the person, that recovery time is substantially shorter. As soon as the argument is over you start thinking about whether YOU were the cause of the argument, even if it really was not your fault. Then you start thinking of extravagant ways you want to apologize. Then all you want to do is hug that person, and they your thoughts travel to how good it feels to have sex with that person and how hard they make you..., and then you realize that being in good graces with that person is way more important than planting your flag in defiance. So you apologize, an all is well with the world. This whole paragraph sounds real tender I know, but its true. At least for me it is.

Now, let me talk about this Iverson trade right quick. It seems like only yesterday, I was writing about Iverson being traded from Philadelphia and now two years later he gets traded again. Chauncey Billups and Iverson are both basically the same age, and they are both on the downside of their respective careers. Iverson is more of a fast paced player, while Billups is more methodical in his approach. Iverson is a scorer first, a creator second. Billups is a passer first and a shooter second. I think Billups instantly makes Denver better, because he'll get Carmelo Anthony the ball where he wants it, and he'll play better defense. Unfortunately, the Nuggets play in the West with guards like Deron Williams, Chris Paul, Tony Parker, Steve Nash and Baron Davis, so it won't matter, because the Nuggets will still get sent home early.

I think in the long run, the Pistons will be better because of this trade, simply because even at 33, Iverson is a matchup problem for the elite teams in the East. Yes it will take he and Richard Hamilton some time to adjust, and hell no Iverson doesn't play defense well anymore, but still, in the long run, the Pistons will go further with him. If I'm wrong, I'm deleting this post from the blog, so you can't say I told you so.

And HELL NO i'm not talking about the election. I'm sure you know where to go, if you just want to hear someone talk about it, but it damn sure isn't here. I'm sick of it.

Oh, and one of my ladyfriend's good friends now has a workout tips blog. Go check it out.

Under the Cherry Moon - Prince
aka the ultimate song to get a striptease to

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Jazzbrew said...

Iverson returning to the east definitely shakes things up in the power rankings. If they can maintain their core identity of strong defense and good ball movement I don't think it's a stretch to say they'll make the finals this year.

I think we're looking at about 3-4 more days of election coverage if we're lucky. I saved the complete Season 6 of 24 for precisely this moment...