Friday, November 21, 2008

Just random thoughts:

-When adults look at young kids, and say stuff like, "He/She is going to be a cute one when she gets older or "he's going to break some hearts", isn't that just a borderline creepy way of them sizing up the child?

-Last night, our Attorney General, Michael Mukasey, collapsed during a speech and was rushed to the hospital. The ambulance and the detail assigned to him, zoomed past my apartment last night around 11pm or so, although at the time my lady and I thought it was Dick Cheney being rushed to the hospital, since he frequently goes by my apartment too. I know its a bit morbid to speculate on who is in ambulances that zoom by your house, but hey, we thought it was cool. And the Attorney General's health is improved this morning.

-Tonight's Wizards/Rockets game will be on national televised by ESPN. So if you see me on tv, come back here and let me know. I'll have an orange shirt on.

-Now that I think about it, this entry was a bit too raunchy and I apologize for putting my own personal business out there. No one cares about the good head I get and what agents are used to enhance it. And if you do, then you're a creepy bastard.

-This video I am getting ready to post, is the first time I realized that my crush on Janet Jackson was very real. My favorite part of the video is at the 4:02 mark or so, when she spins and drops her right leg, right on beat. And yes I can do that move upon request on beat as well.


Anonymous said...

this entry was all over

Miss. Lady said...

Awww man I remember trying that chair move... it did not go as smoothly as it did when Janet did it.

Chubbs said...

love that janet video...back then, I wanted to be her. though my favorite video is "Let's Wait Awhile," soley b/c of the leading man.

I've stopped saying people's kids are "handsome" or "gorgeous," b/c I once had a woman say it felt awkward to hear someone refer to her son as "handsome." So, now I stick to "cute" and "adorable." Don't want anyone thinking I'm a pedo.

I love honest posts...I mean, if you can't be honest on your own blog/diary, where can you be honest? Besides, if people don't want to read it, they can just skip over it.

Jazzbrew said...

I'm with Chubbs. As one of your regular readers I greatly appreciate your honesty. You say the things that most of us think. It is one of the things that makes your blog stand out from the others. I rarely miss a day and when I do - I always go back to catch up.

Janelle said...

Did you wear the orange shirt on purpose so you can be recognized on tv?

That entry was a product endorsement. All you did was inform the masses. I wonder who ran out to buy it?? hahahahaha

Okay who didn't try to learn this video?? I begged my mother to let me cut my hair in layers back then and only wanted skin tight black jeans. at 11. hahahahahaa

Next time I see you I will challenge you to the 4:02 mark move. Loser picks up the tab! CHALLENGE!!!!! hahahahahaha

£ said...

oh see. janelle is challenging you and i'm challenging you *and* janelle! (nothing personal. btw janelle i begged my mom for layers too lol)

man i had this video and the moves memorized, and as long as my replacement hip and bionic knee hold out i'm thinkin i can still rock a few worlds!


(oh and i will be looking for you on the tube! good stuff)