Monday, November 03, 2008

Monday stuff:

-I went to the doctor's office this morning, and he told me that my kidneys are just fine, and the results from my urine test are golden. Now, I just have to be sure that I continue to watch my cholesterol and I'll be fine. This was the clean bill of health I was waiting for, and although I still have a follow up appointment on December 19th, I'm on the right path..thank God. He even said I drink wine again, but he asked me to be a bit more judicious.

-I always suspected this guy in my office was dirty in some way, shape or form, and just a few minute ago I got confirmation. This dude went to the urinal, did his business, and just let out of the bathroom. No hand washing, no consultation with some soap, and no opening the door with a towel to mask the germs. His hands went from his phallus to the door, and thank God I know better than to touch anything in that bathroom with bare hands. That's how infections get started and spread. I will never shake his hand, set foot in his office or any of that. And this man is at least 55 years old, how do you not know to wash your hands after using the bathroom?

-Please go buy Black Magic DVD that is now available in stores. It tells an excellent story about African-Americans and their struggles/triumphs in the game of basketball. Here's a good review.

-And finally, I would like to thank my ladyfriend for turning me on to the song I am about to link below. I had fallen out of favor with Usher, but this song has me back on the bandwagon..even though I'd much rather hear, Mr. Michael Jackson sing this particular song.

Usher - Here I Stand


Jazzbrew said...

I make a mental note of ALL the cats at my office who do not wash their hands. The sad thing is there are WAY too many of them. There are a few who don't even wash their hands after taking a dump! I mean come on... that is just foul. I think I even uttered "nasty ass" once as one of them was heading for the door... FOUL.

They'll be the first ones digging into the shrimp bowl at the holiday party too.

maxwellsmusze said...

LMFAO @ jazzbrew and the shrimp bowl!

So true.

sixfive said...

the results from the urine test, were golden? ba*dum*chih!

rashad said...

I thought about that after I typed it..hahaha. KELLS!!!

£ said...

that song has MJ stamped all over it. You know what i hate? Hearing a song that MJ should be singing, but instead some bozo hack is singing. I'm like what the..? Like justified. Not that justin timberlake is a bozo hack - but justified SHOULD have been michael's comeback album. The last song of the last few years that michael got right was butterflies. In fact, i think i'll queue that up now...

i'm glad that your urine test turned out well and that you got the clean bill of health. Now can i tease you about lugging it around? :P

no comment on your disgusting officemate. I will say that i am ashamed to say that some women are just as gross. I'd share stories, but then you'd have to spray your blog with lysol.

rashad said...

When I found out MJ rejected some of those Justified songs AND Usher's U Don't Have To Call, I started losing a little faith in MJ. Its not too late for him to redeem himself though

Jazzbrew said...

MJ turned down U Don't Have to Call?? Every time I hear that song - specifically the part "gonna boogie... 2 nite" -- it has MJ written all over it. Hell, Usher even sounds a little like him there. Phrasing... everything.