Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So, last night's concert was absolutely great. Jazmine Sullivan kicked things off with her set, and even though I don't really know any of her songs, she convinced me to buy her cd. Her voice is strong and full of emotion, and I forgave her for throwing in the typical man-hating song. At no point during her set did I feel bored or disinterested. Still, I was happy when Maxwell came on the stage.

Unlike Erykah Badu who kept the crowd waiting an hour after the opening act performed during her show, Maxwell was onstage in about 15 minutes. As a straight man, I can say that he looked smooth, and he sounded even better. His voice is even stronger in person than it is on cd, and he didn't overdo it with the theatrics and the dancing. It was just a solid R&B concert, and it was money well spent.

As I watched my lady screaming for Maxwell, I started to think about who the female singer is who could make me stand up and scream...and I couldn't think of one. I may look at Janet or Beyonce with some binoculars or something, but standing up and screaming. I sincerely doubt it. I think I would stand and scream for Michael Jackson though. Yeah I said it.

My back is hurting and I am STILL in vacation mode, so I'm not terribly inspired right now..


Janelle said...

For once in my life (cue Stevie...hahahahha), I was up on a CD before you. Jazmine Sullivan has a nice soulful sound (these days everyone needs at least one man-hatin' song..its called the Mary J. Blige effect. If you're too happy, no one wants to buy your shit. hahahahaha)

When is Maxwell coming out with a new song/cd/album cover/promo pics/video/SOMETHING?!!!!!!!!

rashad said...

Man, Maxwell said NOTHING about anything new coming out..the wait continues

Chubbs said...

i would totally cry and scream for MJ. When I was a kid, I use to obsess over those concerts tours in Budapest and Japan...where people would be pulled out of the crowd and doused with water. That would totally be me. Maxwell not so much. I think he's beautiful--and super hawt, but not scream worthy. I might scream for Janet though.

Jazzbrew said...

I would probably scream for Miles Davis but considering he's been dead for a few years my screams would be mixed with a fair amount of terror. Sarah Vaughn too.

Sounds like you had a great vacation broski. You deserved it.

£ said...

i think im immune to maxwell's sexy. i mean he's a good looking dude and he sings decent but...*shrug*...he has never moved me like that.

I'm with you and chubbs as far as MJ though. Skeletor/clay face and all. I'd probably scream..and yes, a tear might run down my cheek.

mj and pharrell. either of them would make me scream. In fact they should do a concert together. i'd be there sooo hardcore. And if they rolled stephen hawking on stage -- don't question my fantasy just go with it -- for some space age vocals?

*passes out*