Sunday, November 23, 2008

So my lady and I are still going back and forth on whether to rent our place out during Inauguration Week. At first, the money was driving my decision, then the thought of strangers parading around my stuff and my space irritated me, then I thought it would be perfect to go out of town for my birthday, and to let someone stay here. Then I talked to my dad last night, and he attempted to scare me away from this idea by telling me about the numerous scammers and con-artists that would use this occasion to rob folks blind. But this morning on craigslist, I see people who live right near me, charging as much as $2000 for just a few days. There are even people who are sweetening the deal by offering their guests free transportation to and from the airport. This has caused me to re-open negotiations with myself and my lady regarding this temporary rental. I think a list of pros and cons is in order to help me out...this won't be the last time I write about this.

Yesterday, while my lady and I were out enjoying dinner and wine, there was a woman sitting right next to us who works at the Grooming Lounge. One of the bartenders inquired about some of the services they have there, and it was quite impressive. A haircut, beard trim, nail trim and buff, massages, facials and all that. And to top it off, there is a free open bar that is available before, during and after you get served. Now in the past, something like this always seemed to be a bit on on the effeminate side, just because guys don't typically do this. We work hard to find a decent barber in a semi-grimy location, and that barber does cuts our hair ,and trims our beard. Then for the massages and the nail work, we just get our significant other to handle those things for us free of charge. Oddly the massages start at massages, then go to handjobs, then end up in full blown sex..funny how that happens. I digress.. Now, there's a place that will handle all of these chores, and they will get you liquored up to boot. Good times. I'm sure at least one of the 3 men who read this blog have been before, so do share you experience.

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sixfive said...

Haven't been, and looking at those prices, I probably won't go. It does sound good though.