Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So yesterday I sat here and speculated about who I would scream for in a concert setting and the list was relatively small. So who do I see at last night's Washington Wizards game? Serena Effing Williams. Halfway through the second quarter of the game, they flashed her face on the jumbo screen, and every dude(except me) in the arena broke their neck to see where she was sitting. She was about 7 rows away from and I saw her sitting down, and due to my aching back, and the fact that I was typing notes for the game, I was surprisingly subdued. But man, if I was just at the game as a spectator...and to my beautiful lady, who is reading this, you owe me one after you screaming display at the Maxwell show. And yes I am keeping score.

I don't know why I haven't had a whole lot to say recently...perhaps I am losing my blog mojo....

Jamiroquai - Space Cowboy


£ said...

don't you mean Serena "halfback" Williams? That's a handsome woman right there. lol

lemme stop. I like serena, and she's been looking pretty hot lately. but why was she @ a wizards game?

(oh and you can't lose your blog mojo! I'm depending on you!)

rashad said...

How dare you attempt to besmirch Serena's good name like that. I have no clue why she was at the Wizards game, but I'm hoping it'll be in the gossip section of the Washington Post today or tomorrow.

Jazzbrew said...

LOL @ "Halfback" Williams. I never heard that one before.

Man... I knew the Wizards would be challenged with their key injuries but 1-7? They need to get this ship turned around quick.

Jazzbrew said...

Sorry for the double post but great article in Hoops Addict. You basically answered my question above.

Chubbs said...

Did you see Serena's butt? Call me ignorant, but I'm a little fascinating by it...oh, and of course, her powerful backhand.

I think it's the cold weather, or the calming effects of autumn...not sure, but I've been feeling less wordy as well. Maybe, in my case, that's not such a bad thing though. I hope you're mojo comes home in one piece.

rashad said...

thank you for props on the article, and don't you dare laugh at lex's smear campaign

the ass was "covered" but i saw hints..your fascination is certainly understandable and a lot tamer then what I would call my feelings towards it

Miss. Lady said...

Rashad I will give it to her, she has been looking a lot less manly lately.