Wednesday, November 26, 2008

There is an interesting dynamic going on between me and my main man Cliff. As I have mentioned before, I have known Cliff for over 21 years, and he and my main man Kevin (sorry I didn't call you back pimpin) are the best two male friends I have outside my brother. I talk to Kevin on the phone every now and then, but I definitely see him more than I see Cliff. Because Cliff is a pilot for FedEx, our conversation primarily goes down over the phone, I'd say once or twice a week. Our conversations consist of a complicated series of jokes and private lingo that it would take years to break down and explain to you mere mortals.

Anyway, Cliff is in Hong Kong for two years, so that means phone conversations are pretty much out of the question. He and I hadn't worked out how we were going to communicate at all, and we didn't see each other before he left, we just went on about our business. That's what male friends do. So imagine my surprise yesterday morning, when I received an email from Cliff. He had copied his closest friends and family about how good his trip was going, and all that jazz, and as much as I appreciated the email, I could not pass up the opportunity to tell playfully rib him. He then gave me the uncensored version of this trip thus far, and then we transitioned into a serious discussion about the economy..the same type of conversation we'd have on the phone.

If this were a female friend of mine or even my mother, she would have called me before she left and the conversation would go like this:

Her: So be sure to email, I'll email you as soon as I get there
Me: Ok
Her: Ok be sure to return my email because I won't be able to call you
Me: Ok
Her: Now you're going to email me right?

With your boys, no such red tape is presented. Good times!

By the way, I am going to call my brother out, for showing up to the Washington Wizards game last night at the start of the 2nd quarter, and then leaving before the 4th quarter started to go drink. How can you be related to me, and just disrespect the sport of basketball like that? Shame on you.

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Sab D said...

SHAME, SHAME, SHAME ... unless Serena was at the drinking spot - then he gets a pass.