Friday, December 12, 2008

Celtics vs Wizards.

By the time I got home, spoke to my lady and her best friend, got my notes together, wrote the above article, and then edited it myself, it was damn near 2am before I could even THINK about heading towards the bed. Since I was still wound up, not really sleepy, I visited the cabinet looking for some type of snack. I had eaten all of the cookies last week, so I knew whatever I found would have to be chips or perhaps some Ritz crackers. But I was wrong..

I opened up the cabinet, and I saw a fresh new package of cookies just sitting in the cabinet smiling at me saying, "Heyy buddy!". I ripped open the cookies with reckless abandon, put two in my mouth at the same time(that's what HE said), and I sat back down to watch a little television. Now, in your mind, you may be wondering why this seemingly small milestone is even worthy of a blog mention, and I'm going to tell you why. It is nice to live, be with and love someone that actually pays attention to the little things I like and appreciate. The big things like birthdays, holidays, etc are nice, but its the smaller things like cookie package replacement that get you through the day, or in my case the wee hours of the night.

So thank you ladyfriend. I almost slipped up and used your government name.

Oh and last night at the Celtics game, I had at least 5 or 6 people comment on my pocketwatch. You're not really allowed to have cellphones in the players' locker room, so for me, the best way to tell time is via the watch. I pull it out, spread it open, get what I need, and then close it tight. I had a few people make fun of me by saying I was much too young to have such this type of watch, but through the reflection of the watch, I caught them checking it out. I can't convince the masses to get this type of watch, but if I can reach just one, that will be sufficient. When we stand alone we are just fingers on a hand, but when we strengthen and mobilize, we are a powerful fist. That last sentence has nothing to do with anything, I just wanted an excuse to use it, and work wasn't providing me with that platform.

Punch Drunk Love - Common featuring Kanye West(produced by the Neptunes)
One of the few songs on the new cd I actually like. It may not sound very good to you initially, but play it three times, and the music and the background vocals will be stuck in your head in no time.


£ said...

Rashad homie... I don't know if I can handle too much more of the sentimental-feel-goodery-love-is-a-many-splendored-thing that you have been peppering your blog with lately Gross. Have we lost focus?*

Your pocketwatch is grand - timeless elegance. I really wouldn't be surprised if you started a trend. Like when george began eating his snickers with a knife and fork. Pocketwatch mania. All you need is a few key sport stars and like one rapper - i'm thinking t-pain(oh wait...he's a rapper turnt sanga) to start carrying them and there you go. platinum plated pocketwatches.

*actually I'm awwwww-ing right now. those little thoughtful gestures are THE best. :-)

msblue said...

With timely cookie replacement --> THAT was when you were supposed to say she was golden :)