Friday, December 26, 2008

I had a most beautiful Christmas Day. I got some cologne and a gift certificate for the Grooming Lounge. I gave my lady a "That's What She Said" t-shirt, a trip to the spa out here in the mountains where we're staying, a trip next week to New York to see the Alvin Ailey Dance Company. Everyone was happy. I'll admit I am a little leery about seeing this Alvin Ailey business, but I am assurances from my dad and another friend of mine that its both girl and guy friendly. We shall see. I digress though.

The highlight of my Christmas had nothing to do with me at all. While here in the mountains, my girlfriend's sister's boyfriend proposed to girlfriend's sister(got all that?) and of course she said yes. The girls cried, the guys just gave each other handshakes and half-hugs, and we celebrated by drinking a ridiculous amount of strong mimosas made by yours truly. I've never been on hand when a proposal has gone down, so I was definitely honored. I told the guy that he has now put even more pressure on me to put a ring on lady's finger..although that's not really true. The wheels are already in motion for that. Anyway, that just made Christmas even better.

Of course the only downer was that my Washington Wizards gave a game away in front of a national audience. They are so sad and pitiful at this point, I can barely defend them.

And now, I have to go back to doing absolutely nothing.

Alexander O'Neal - My Gift To You

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blue said...

Alvin Ailey will definitely be worth it. The performances are very moving.
*extra cool points for giving that gift*