Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I saw two friends of mine on my way into work this morning. One passed the headphones test, the other did not. The infamous headphones test is when you're jamming to a stone cold groove on your ipod with your headphones firmly on your head. You know all the words to the songs, so you sing or rap them passionately, and sometimes, if the song really gets good to you, you use hand gestures and body language along to the beat. Then, while all these wonderful sounds are going on in your head, you'll see someone you know.

Now if this is someone you dislike, you grab your ipod, turn the volume up, and walk towards that person quickly. If its a man, when you get to them, you shake their hand, give them a half hug, say what's up and keep it moving without removing your headphones. They'll know by the speed of your walk towards them, that you are in no mood for a stop and chat. If its a woman, as was the case with me today, you establish eye contact, wave, then lose yourself in the crowd so they can't annoy you with the bullshit that's on their mind or ask you questions like, "So what's been up?". But if you run into a man or a woman you actually like or care about to some degree, you remove the headphones, stop, chat and chop it up with them, and then you keep it moving. I saw my main man Seth in the middle of the street, we both removed our headphones, gave each other dap, asked how the other was, and then we kept walking. Good times were had by all, and as Rasheed Wallace would say, both teams played hard.

My neurologist seems to think my back condition has worsened a bit, and he wants to do another round of MRIs to see what's going on in there. I also went for a series of MRIs in January of this year, so this one will be for comparative purposes. I did not have a pleasant experience the first go round, so this time I will try to negotiate some favorable terms with the good people at the Radiology Department of the George Washington Hospital. I want them to play my ipod over the speakers while I'm in there, so I don't flip out and go crazy from claustrophobia. I have a certain podcast I listen to weekly that lasts about 30 minutes, which is the exact time each of my MRIs lasted before. I can't just be in that tube with no music, no talking and no stimulus. That should work out just fine for me.

Once again, my hyperlink function is broken at work, so please go to the right of this blog, look for the "Hoops Addict" website, and read my notes from last night's game. Thank you.


£ said...

LOL @ "lose yourself in the crowd so they can't annoy you with the bullshit that's on their mind or ask you questions like, "So what's been up?"

The hate is strong in this

alls I'm saying is if you see me on the street headphones better get removed, i better get dapped, and I want at least a minute of chopping it up time - which may or may not include me asking you: " So what's been up?" Which you will then answer to the best of your ability. That's all I'm saying. :-)

Wow 30 mins in the MRI machine? I don't have claustrophobia but I might develop it in that situation. Yikes. Its worth it if it will provide answers though. keep us posted.

rashad said...

I just re-read my post..the hate IS strong. close to the darkside, i am.

Janelle said...

1) if they don't pass the headphones test, are they really a friend??? (feeling the cold air of the hate

2) if you pass them in the street and then call them 5 minutes later to tell them you passed them in the street, does that pass the headphones test????? hahahahahahahaha

3) Good luck with the MRI, buddy. You need a resolution (c) Aaliyah

Chubbs said...

I'm with Lex...MRI for 30 minutes. I agree...a soothing podcast should help. Can I suggest Ira Glass from This American Life--his voice puts me to sleep.