Tuesday, December 23, 2008

If you take a corner of Kleenex, wrap it tightly around a finger, and go exploring in your nose like Matthew Henson on a mission, that is still picking your nose. You don't get a pass because Kleenex is present. Either blow your nose, or use your finger and wipe it on your jacket and let it get hard and cut you later like everyone else.

Also, if I am off the rest of this week, that would make today "Friday" for me which means I can wear jeans today. I don't need to ask anyone if its ok, and there doesn't need to be a jeans committee or a jeans coordinator. And when you see me with jeans on don't give me a funny look, just appreciate that I thought of it and you didn't.

And finally, you can't bring your parents to a Christmas party. It reeks of smugness and kissassedness. My co-worker, who to his credit no longer gets on my nerves the way he did at first, came to last Friday's Christmas party with his parents, and everyone was so smitten by this. His parents were very nice and all, but come on dude. Apparently his wife lives in VA Beach and couldn't make it, but come solo, bring one parent or the other, but coming up with both parents, then smiling all up in the face of my boss, the CEO, the VP? Really? I suppose I should take my own advice and re-read the last 16 words of the previous paragraph but its different for me.

My lady, her sister, her sister's boyfriend and I are going to an undisclosed location starting tomorrow and we shall return on Sunday. There will be skiing(not by me since my back is jacked), there will be tubing, there will be drinking, there will be exotic dancing(by me only), and other things that I am not allowed to discuss on this family blog. So if I don't write, forgive me..besides you should be spending time with your family anyway, not checking for my writings. I'm pretty sure I'll still write anyway. This will be my first Christmas ever with my lady, so its pretty special to me and her...anyway.

'Round Midnight - Bobby McFerrin


Anonymous said...

enjoy your vacation :)

maxwellsmusze said...

boogers, jeans, and a kiss ass co-worker? that's how you're gonna leave us hanging for christmas? REALLY?