Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Christmas party was on Friday night, and I can honestly say I had fun. It was much smaller this year, so there were less people to make fun of, it also made it a bit more intimate. There were still women there with too much back and chest out, and a guy dressed like he was going to a club, not a party, and a few old timers who were staring at young girls a little too hard, but for the most part it was good. Unlike last year, when I got stuck at a table with two other couples, it was just me, my lady and my boss at the table, and I was surprisingly relaxed. My boss came solo (and late I might add, which means I can come in late on Monday) because her date cancelled, but once she got to our table, it took no time at all for her and my lady to gang up on me. I was hoping I'd go to this party and come out with lots of material, funny stories, and all that, but it was just painfully average, except for the food which was damn good.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending time with my father, my mother, my brother, my sister-in-law, and the star of the day: my nephew. The youngster is at that age where he's talking, but you can really only make out every other sentence. For example Elmo appeared on the television, which provoked my nephew to go on a 10 minute rant about him. I heard the word Elmo a few times, but other than that I couldn't determine what the hell he was trying to say. At one point I looked at him and said, "I wish I could understand you little buddy." He just laughed and kept talking. Unfortunately, I also saw the little fella catch a beatdown because of potty training mishap. Very unfortunate. The thought of my younger brother disciplining someone is hilarious.

Oh and I know my mother doesn't read the blog, but I am still going to congratulate her on her new position. She's moving on up. Speaking of my mother, I can't tell you how weird it is to stumble on her face and her bio online. I kept saying to myself, "Hey that's my mother, that's the woman who raised me." It is surreal to say the least.

Jay-Z featuring Santogold - Brooklyn Go Hard

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LittleTortilla stays in DC said...

I might need to invite your mother to my meeting. I need someone with her expertise.