Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Who: Me and another lady
Where: The lobby of the doctor's office by the elevators
When: 9:30 am

Lady: How are you?
Me: I'm good
Lady: *presses the down button the elevator*
Me: Thank you
***Three "up" elevators go by**
Me: What the hell man?
Her: You just have to be patient
Me: I guess
**Two more "up" elevators go by**
Me: how's this patient thing working out for you?
Her: *laughs*
Me: I may take the stairs
Her: I may have to do it too, this thing just will not go down
Me(whispering): That's what she said


Anonymous said...


£ said...


you can't just leave us with the cliffhanger though! did the elevator come? did you take the stairs? did you realize you made small talk?

*on edge of seat*

rashad said...

we took the crowded elevator in silence..i should have taken the damn stairs

Janelle said...

classic!!!! hahahahahahahaa

and yes you made small talk prior to the elevator arriving. I'm so proud of you!!! hahahaha

Jazzbrew said...

Damn a crowded elevator - especially early in the morning when I'm at my anti-social peak.

soft and subtle said...

That was hilarious ("that's what she said") Rashad, you're silly...

ms_blue said...

cracking up