Saturday, December 27, 2008

You know the whole purpose of being in the mountains is to enjoy the cold weather, sit by the fireplace, drink warm beverages and just relax. Instead, as I sit here typing the temperature is about 63 degrees, there is no snow around me, and even the fake snow on the ski slopes is slowly unraveling. I went outside in a long sleeved shirt and shorts and I was extremely comfortable. If I wanted this type of weather in late December, I'd have gone to Miami, not the mountains. This is bullshit.

I am absolutely convinced that this area I am staying in has at least 2 white supremacy groups somewhere. I have seen confederate flags, there's a paper called the Republican, and the white lady in the convenience store would barely give us eye contact yesterday and the day before. I haven't figured out whether its just blatant racism, or if they just aren't used to seeing black people. Either way, every time I leave out of this house, I am mindful of my skin color and its effect on those around me. I am also mindful of bears. I have yet to see one, but there are warnings signs up all over the place, and when I went to the lake yesterday, I saw some bear prints. Part of me wants a bear encounter just so I can blog about it, but the other part (90% of me) is terrified. Can I outrun a bear? Can I confuse the bear by throwing food its way? Will the authorities help me out, or watch me squirm? These are the hard hitting questions I have been asking myself.

Vacation ends tomorrow morning at 10.

Glamorous Life - Sheila E.


Jamal said...

Stay away from the bears man...

Miss. Lady said...

Out run a bear? I think not. Bears can run up to 30 MPH. Just curl up in a ball and hope it will sniff you and just go away.

Love the song. Shelia E is mah girl. You about to make me bust out my drum sticks man.

£ said...

I heard that if you want to get rid of a bear just cover yourself in the urine of a bears natural predator.

UNfortunately bears don't really have predators - other than humans. So you're kind of stuck unless you're willing to engage in some kells-like activity in order to save your soul.