Wednesday, December 17, 2008

You may not have known this because it has not been reported in nearly enough detail as it should have been, but about 11 years ago I coined the phrase, "You don't have to get me anything for Christmas". At the time, I didn't want any fanfare, pomp or circumstance, I was just attempting to help myself, the people, and of course the know me, anything for the kids.

I originated this phrase because I was tired of seeing people I cared about struggle to get me a Christmas gift knowing my birthday was less than a month later on January 20th(you bet your ass that's a plug). I would enthusiastically get asked around late November, early December, what I wanted for Christmas, and my friends and family would break their necks to please me on the the day of birth of big baby Jesus. Then just after the new year, the ebullient gift questions that got asked before Christmas, were repeated in a much much more resentful tone. Most times, the people I cared about had wasted all of their good ideas on Christmas, and my birthday gifts suffered as a result. Something had to be done and that's when I created the phrase

I have ALWAYS been selfish about my birthday, and I do believe I am well within my right. That is the day I was born(I also share that birthday with Questlove) and I think I should be able to be a little...ok VERY self centered and blessed on that day. Christmas is about giving, sharing and recognizing our lord and savior Jesus Christ. Of course, 80% of the people who celebrate Christmas have gotten duped into believing its about gifts and spending copious amounts of the money.

Now, numerous years after I created that phrase, there are individuals who are attempt to besmirch the concept behind it. There are now people who say, "Don't get me anything for Christmas" not because their birthdays are just around the corner or they want to observe the TRUE meaning of Christmas, these people are just plain lazy. They can't think of anything to get their friends, lovers and family, and rather than rack their brains right up until the last minute, they use my phrase as some kind passive aggressive bullshit tactic. They want to downplay the importance of the day, hoping that the other person does the same, thus letting them off the hook. This was NOT what I had in mind when I created this phrase, and I highly perturbed. As a result, I've created a Drop Squad(in case you didn't know, its Eriq LaSalle day) and we will be coming to kidna....I mean temporarily borrow these individuals who can't seem to understand the true spirit behind the name.

Christmas Time Is Here (aka the Charlie Brown Xmas song) - The Vince Guaraldi Trio


Jazzbrew said...

My birthday is in March which gives folks plenty of time to think of something golden when MY day arrives.

It also allows my greedy butt to send out a detailed list of what I want for Christmas.

Kawana Cohen-Hopkins said...

DUDE! Imagen having your birthday on January 3rd!! Not only do you get the side eye for wanting a gift but you also get the "Dag, it was just New Years!" if you want people to go out and party.


Jazzbrew said...

Oh... I forgot to mention that I have a niece born on December 26th and she does NOT play that Christmas/Birthday combo gift thing...