Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I think the highlight of yesterday's inauguration experience yesterday happened around 9pm, when I read online that Obama was going to be making an appearance at the Youth Ball. which was half a block from my house. Instantly, I stayed glued to my window, hoping I'd see the President and his wife drive by, but it didn't happen. Apparently he snuck by my window, because around 10:15, I saw he and his wife dancing at this ball that was so close to my house. Then, 5 minutes after he left, I was glued to the window once again, and I saw his limo go by a street directly in front of my building, and my lady and I both smiled. I know it sounds like a small thing to be smiling over, but it was hard not to be caught up in all moments of yesterday.

I did get a little sad at some points yesterday, talking to dad, who was wishing both of his parents were alive to see this, given how they struggled with race related issues for more than half of their lives. I could hear my dad getting choked up, and I couldn't imagine what a bittersweet feeling that must have been.

Also, my boy Cliff and I speculated a while back what Obama would do for interracial dating. Lots of white women old and young have been smiling at me the past couple days, and although I have a woman, perhaps someone in DC will reap the benefits. It could happen, you don't know...

My birthday was excellent, despite the fact that I partied just a little too hard the night before. My lady took me out to a fancy dinner, and she got me a REAL IPOD that plays videos, holds all my music, and it has a personalized message for me engraved in the back. Good times indeed.

I'd like to personally thank the millions of people who were in front of my apartment building between 12am and 5am this morning. Whether you were driving or just being rowdy in your leisurely stroll down my street, you kept me and my lady up all night listening to your loud asses. But I'm not bitter.

Please Don't Leave Me - Eric Roberson

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