Monday, January 05, 2009

I think the last time I cried during a sports event was back in 1989. I was the 2nd or 3rd worst player on this basketball team I played for, and it wasn't so much that I was bad, but the other players were so damn good (at least that's what I tell myself). I would show flashes of absolutel brilliance, and then I would nullify it completely with a series of bonehead plays that promptly landed me back on the bench. This would frustrate the hell out of my dad, who wanted me to be all aggressive, all the time.

When you were a bad player the way I was, you would pray for a blowout, because then the coach would have mercy and play the lesser players for greater minutes. During this particular day in February of 1989, it was the last game of the season, and our team was blowing the other team out. I saw the score getting more and more one-sided, and I prepared myself from the bench. I tightened my shoes, pulled up my socks, stood up on the bench and tucked in my shirt, and got ready for the coach to call my name. With about 6 minutes left in the game, he called my name, and I ran in, eager to make my mark.

Unfortunately for me, the other team started to make a tremendous run, and the coach called me back on the bench and I was furious. Because the coach was cool with my father, I couldn't bitch and moan as much as I would usually, so I just sat there and stewed in my own anger. This was the last game of the season, and I was not prepared to only pay two minutes. I ran to get some water in the hallway, and I broke down crying for a good 2-3 minutes. Then I dried my tears, sat back on the bench, and watched my team win. After the game, the coach pulled me aside and apologized, but in my head I was throwing him all the GFYs I could muster. Of course my dad knew I had been crying, and basically told me to man up and be prepared for the next moment whenever that was. That next moment was in October of that same year when I made jr. varsity in high school.

I tell this story because last night I had a dream that I was the starting quarterback of my college team, and the game was stopped prematurely because there were no fans in the stands, and the lighting was bad. The game was ended right before I was scheduled to make my debut, and I started crying. Luckily it was only a dream, because that awfully soft and tender of me to cry over something like that.

You've Got It Bad Girl - Quincy Jones


£ said...

speaking of sports and 'bout them EAGLES? The game yesterday had me going through the full range of human emotions. Now - on to the meadowlands...

This version of you've got it bad girl has a bob james, angela-ish feel.

oh and speaking of QJ stevie wonder covers...have you ever heard where were you when I needed you by patti austin? took me a second to warm up to it(love love love the original) but by my second listen I became a believer. Very well executed I think.

rashad said...

I still think Reid sucks and Westbrook continues to bail his dumb ass out. Still, I'm glad we're moving on to the next round

And I almost linked Quincy's superwoman song with patti this morning, but i reneged. I still like Stevie's better.

£ said...

I don't think reid sucks...but I do scratch my head at his play calling quite a bit. My main beef w/him is his utility suit. I mean I don't expect him to be landry'd out, but the jumbo snowsuit is not what's hot. Oh and is there signifance to the scruff on his face? Cuz I'm not too excited about that either. lol.

Jazzbrew said...

You just inspired my next blog entry about my short but very successful football career.

I'm with Lex regarding that suit that Andy was wearing. Frankly, I'm concerned for homeboy's health. He's ginormous.

maxwellsmusze said...

hahaha @ that onesie mr. reid wears! hilarious! and YES he is overweight. he looks like he eats steak and potatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Janelle said...

okay so as the lone non sport commenter on a sport ladden blog (have no clue who the hell ya'll are talking about but it sounds like he needs some hydroxycut or trimspa babay), maybe your dream was about unfulfilled dreams/goals. And the emotional outcry was how you really feel about this unfulfillment. stepping off of my oprah soapbox now. hahahaha

GO GIANTS!!!! (ducking shoes better than George Bush...hahahahahahahahahahahaaaa)

rashad said...

You and your Giants can go shoot yourself in a club...or if that's too violent, perhaps you all would be more comfortable getting caught on tape groping a stripper!!!