Friday, January 23, 2009

So this morning I had what I hope will be my final doctor consultation about my back. The doctor said the MRI came up negative, and although there is a slight bulge in my disc, it is nothing to be concerned about at this present juncture. He gave me some intense stretching exercises, told me to get fitted for orthopedic shoes since my feet are incredibly flat, and I should see improvements. I also told him that now that my MRI came up clean, I was going to do get down with a little acupuncture and a litle swimming, and he agreed that would help. I REALLY hope this is the last time I have to write about this, because goddammit I'm only 34, and I need my back to do many many special things, only half of which I can write about.

While driving back from the doctor's office, I happened to be behind a van that had some edible fruit floral arrangment company on it, and I just started laughing. Who the hell sends these arrangments? Actually now that I think about it, after my lady got out of the hospital in October, her co-workers sent her one of these, and I laughed at it then too. Fruit is not basket or arrangement worthy on any level. Candy? Yes. Condoms? Hell yes. Cash? Absolutely. But fruit? That's what grocery stores, farmer's markets and your grandmother's dining room table are for..

My future mother-in-law is coming to visit my lady and I for two weeks starting tomorrow. I know she reads this blog from time to time, so let me say, I can't wait for you to arrive, and I will do my best to navigate that tricky balance of showing you a good time, and giving you your space. Don't feel any pressure to be on your best behavior, out of fear that I may write about you in this blog, and slander your good name in a way that would make Ann Coulter blush. I will do no such thing. And even if I did, I would deprive you any kind of internet access until you returned home and by then, you'd forget anyway.

Chamber Mates - Paul Chambers
For the past couple days at work, I've been playing nothing but jazz, specifically jazz bassists, and Paul Chambers was one of the five best jazz bass players ever. This song is from his 1957 album called Bass on Top. Imagine me saying everything I just typed in a cool, raspy voice with lights low.


Jazzbrew said...

Man... don't sleep on the Edible Arrangements. I've sent them a few times and they're always a big hit (unless folks are just lying to me). I've even received one and it was cool. Chocolate covered Granny Smith apples...

Paul Chambers is a beast. I love all the stuff he did with Wynton Kelly and Jimmy Cobb. Easily one of the best trios in jazz. It sounds like someone is about to start taking bass lessons...

Arlene said...

Hi Rashad,

LOL,@ the chocolate covered Granny Smith apples.....and EWE!

I'm looking forward to my visit with you and My Lady(daughter)

I'm not so keen on the "giving space." As if any one can give another space; but I know that of which you refer to.

I come in the spirit of service to my daughter, and so this would include you too. I'll stay in tunde with you two. How's that?!!!

You can welcome me with, "WELCOME TO THE LAND OF CHILL..... OUT. That's change I can believe in.

I'm bringing my laptop, so blog away. Just don't use my real name (Amazon Goddess) in your material. LOL!!

See you tomorrow. I can't wait!