Thursday, January 08, 2009

So today, in about 7 hours or so, I will return to George Washington Hospital to have a series of MRIs on my back, and the feelings are truly bittersweet. I have been dealing with back issues intermittently for about a year now, and it seems to have gotten worse. So if it takes more MRIs to get this resolved, then I'm all for it. Once I get another diagnosis, I will treat it, and then start this yoga and acupuncture I've heard so much about. All of this has me excited..but

The actual MRI itself terrifies me. If I was just having one on my foot or my hand, it would be no problem at all, because it would not require my entire body being put into the machine. When you get an MRI they put your entire body in this casket-like machine, and then they ask you to be as still as you can for a good 30 minutes(which for me is virtually impossible). They don't play you any soothing music, and they don't allow you to bring your own, so you are forced to be alone with your thoughts. Now, I don't mind thinking about my life and my problems, but I'd much prefer to do it while I walk around, or while I'm listening to music, not while I'm getting scanned up in a coffin-like machine while asked to be still as if I'm in a bad game of freeze tag.

I actually wish someone could record this whole event from the time I step into the hospital, to the time I put on that flimsy ass hospital gown with the ass out, to when I step on the machine, to my Usain Bolt like sprint back to my clothes when I'm done. That would be comedic gold.

As a followup to yesterday's story about the Georgetown Law student smoking the sticky icky topless, my lady saw her enter her apartment yesterday. And when our neighbor saw my lady, she instantly told her that she wants to go out for a drink with my lady and I sometime soon. You see when she moved in, we gave her a bottle of wine(just like someone had done for us when we moved in), and she was so moved, that she vowed to take us out on a wonderful night of drinking. Me myself personally, I'd much prefer that she just return the favor, leave me a nice bottle of red wine at my doorstep, and everyone wins. But these promises of drinking dates, followed up by these topless Snoop impressions in my window is not going to cut it.

And my hyperlink button is not working for some reason, but if you could find the Hoops Addict blog over to your right please click on it and read my article on Toronto/Washington game last night.

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Jazzbrew said...

Any rules against falling asleep in the MRI machine? Might be tough to do with the nerves and all but why not get in a power nap while you're there?

Seriously though - I know it's a major pain now but hopefully after 30 minutes of discomfort they can find the solution to the back problems and you'll be home free. Try to think about that if it really starts to get to you.

On a related note I went to yoga class for the first time in several months and it kicked my ass. You sure you want some of that?

rashad said...

I was afraid that Yoga would kick my ass, but i'm ready