Friday, January 16, 2009

Yesterday I came to work without my wallet. Usually I keep my metrocard, my money and my wallet in the same area by the bed, but for some reason yesterday, I neglected to pick up my money and my wallet and I realized it as soon as sat down in my office. So immediately I had three options: 1)Walk in the 5 degree weather to the train station, take the train home, walk from the train to my apt, get my wallet, then come back..2)Borrow some money from someone so I could eat lunch 3)Starve until I get home.

Now, I do not like to ask people for money, but I especially don't like doing that at work. There is a certain degree of vulnerability that comes with asking people for money at work, and I am just not down with that. Plus, I don't want my co-workers speculating about my financial situation, and even though yesterday was payday and they knew I wasn't broke, I was still paranoid about asking, which is just sad. Around noon or so, my stomach was growling particularly loud, and I got up the nerve to ask my boss to borrow money, but then I chickened out at the last minute and just asked her for some peppermint tea, which calmed my growling stomach for all of 3 seconds. I did have an apple that I brought in to go with my lunch (assuming I had my wallet to buy a sandwich) but that apple was devoured in 30 seconds, and my stomach growled louder as if to say, "That's the best you can do?"

2pm came, and we had a meeting that turned out to be an hour long. I did the following things to mask the sounds of my stomach sounding like DMX:

1)rustle papers
2)clear my throat
3)slide my chair back away from the table
4)tighten my stomach(this one was just asinine)

Around 3:30, I got a call from my main man Rashaad who works on the fifth floor of my building, and he told me that there was a going away party for someone, and there were desserts for the taking. I hung up on him when I heard desserts, and I stepped with purpose up to the fifth floor, and instead of grabbing every piece of dessert I could get my meaty hands on, I politely took one piece of cake so I wouldn't look like I left my wallet home, and I went back downstairs. That cake was gone before I got out of the elevator.

Now eventually 5:30 came, and like an ass I walked home in the 5 degree weather trying to get a workout, and I was thinking to myself, I could have done this earlier and just went to get my wallet. By the time I ate something at home it was 6pm, almost a full 12 hours since I had left home. So let this be a lesson to you. Befriend at least one person in your office, so that when you forget your wallet, you can borrow money without your pride getting in the way.

Unbelievable - Biggie
I dedicate this song to my boss, since she is currently giving serious consideration to going to see this. movie at lunch time. If you saw this woman, you'd NEVER suspect that she was a Biggie fan. NEVER.


sixfive said...

At least you had your smarttrip. The worst is walking all the way to the turnstile and realizing you forgot it.. Sometimes I seriously consider just taking the day off if I do that. But then, I do have people I could borrow money from at work. A whole day without food is madness.

Jazzbrew said...

This is sort of related.

Ok... it's not related but your blog reminded me of it...

I wanted to run home during work to get something. Keep in mind that the Metro ride is Farragut North to New Carrollton. I got all the way to my destintation and realized I left my damn car keys in my bag under my desk at work.

I basically used my entire lunch (extended) to ride Metro. If I knew how to hotwire a car I prolly would have broken the window.

Alaina said...

I've left my metro card at school and had no money to get home. I had to beg a police officer to let me in (he was checking bags..randomly at Jamaica station.

Miss. Lady said...

This is the reason why I have all kinds of food hidden away in my office.