Saturday, February 07, 2009

Before last night's Washington Wizards/Denver Nuggets game, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Mr. Hubie Brown. If you do not know who Hubie Brown is, then read my brief article about him here. The cliff notes version is that Mr. Brown is a legendary coach, basketball announcer and an overall student of the game. No man or woman who claims to be a fan of the NBA, should go too long without hearing Mr. Brown broadcast a game. He sees things that us mere mortals don't see, and he is able to articulate his findings in such a way, that even non-basketball fans/junkies can appreciate it (my lady can vouch for this).

Hubie works for ESPN, and since I've been covering the Wizards, ESPN had broadcasted at least 3 games, and every time I look(borderline stalking) for Hubie so I can interview him, or at the very least interview him. Yesterday, as I was coming a pre-game press conference, I saw Hubie on the court, giving a live interview to ESPN, and I got a huge smile on my face. But I had to patiently wait for him to get free. Finally he finished the interview, stopped by to talk to Wes Unseld, and then he headed to restroom. At this point I made my way to the general area hoping to get an interview or at the very least a brief conversation.

He came out, walked towards me, and instantly I got nervous, but this was way too big of an opporutnity to let go. I went him up to him, called him Mr. Brown, and introduced myself. He kept calling me young fella, which I did not mind at all. I told him I wrote for Hoops Addict, and that this was my first year covering the NBA. He wished me luck and began to walk away, and I asked if I could interview him now or later. He said now was no good, and after the game was iffy, but I should try anyway after the game. I shook his hand again, said thank you, and he went on his way. About 5 minutes after that meeting I texted my lady, and called my father, and I am sure I sounded like a 10 year old girl who had just seen Miley Cyrus, but I didn't even care.

I never did get the interview, because he was whisked away after the game, and I was caught up in the Denver Nuggets locker room, so I was kind of disappointed about that. But I shall definitely cherish that brief meeting, and I efforting to maybe talk to him via phone or email to secure an interview. Moments like this are the exact reason why I wanted to be a sportswriter you know?

By the way, my lady's mother left this morning, and it was a pleasure having her here. Its not because she cooked, washed dishes, cleaned the house or washed and folded my clothes(although that shit was DAMN good). It is mainly because she helped nurse my lady back to full strength, and she kept her company post-surgery. That's what parents are for, and my lady is lucky to have her around. Good times.

If you haven't heard, in a couple of months, Conan O'Brian is replacing Jay Leno on the Tonight Show, and Jimmy Fallon is replacing Conan. The Roots will be backing up Fallon, and as a way of promoting all this change, Fallon and the Roots have been releasing these short videos. I posted the first one yesterday, and here is the second:

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Mizzo said...

Always get the interview you want. Do not settle for no.