Thursday, February 12, 2009

I had to go get blood drawn this morning, which meant I had the opportunity to visit the wild, wonderful world of LabCorp. I don't know how this institution is in your town, but in mine it is full of inept workers, who move at a leisurely pace, yet thousands of tax-paying citizens trust them to put needle after needle in their arm. Good times.

I usually like to get to LabCorp a full half hour before they open(7:30), just in case there is an insane line outside. Today, I moved kind of slow, and I arrived in front of the place at 7:50, and there were about 7 people there already. There were two people standing right by the door, and the other five were kind of scattered about. I went to stand directly behind the two folks by the door, and the other people shot me evil looks, and I responded to them by saying good morning and smiling. Once the door opened, those five people attempted to step in front of me, and I employed a little something called the boxout technique. I had no intentions of signing my name on the signup sheet in front of these people, I just wanted them to think I was by going inside the building in front of them. I couldn't exactly make out the expletives and heavy breathing thrown my way, because I had headphones on, but I saw some angry faces. Once I stepped inside the place, I held the door like a gentleman, and signed in last.

I know its petty for me to do that, but I hate when folks form lines outside of establishments, and then expect you to follow suit. I could see if this were ticketmaster and we waiting for Prince tickets. But we are in here giving blood, and it takes 5 minutes, just chill out. By the time I left there at 8:30, it was empty and everyone had given blood. So why should I wait behind a line, when I can get in front and annoy people?

Once I left LabCorp, I started my walk to work, and I saw this guy on skateboard, who seemed to be getting some sort of satisfaction out of whizzing in between pedestrians. I wanted to trip him, but I'm not quite that cruel, but he needed to be stopped. Then, as if some mystery person channeled their inner Patrick Swayze., this skateboarder tripped over nothing but air, fell over a curb, on his hands and face. Several of the pedestrians around him had smirks on their face, but nobody made fun of him and no one helped him up. They just kept walking. I started to help him up, and then start a slow clap for him, but again, I'm not that mean. But inconsiderate skateboarders and bikers need to fall at least once a day, just so they can be humbled.

My inner voice just asked me when the last time I was humbled. I think it was two weeks ago when my lady was in the hospital when with tubes all in her, and I couldn't do a thing. I don't want that kind of humbling anymore.

That's an odd note to end on, so I will end on this rap oldie, but goodie from 1990 I think...

KMD - Peach Fuzz


Jamal said...

That kmd song is crazy. Classic

Raydiance said...

"inner Patrick Swayze" -- lol

I despise Labcorp.