Sunday, February 08, 2009

Since I've been doing this blog, I always have at least two entries a year discussing my re-entry to the world of outdoor basketball. This whole weekend was beautiful and in the 60s, and since my back is stronger, and I'm on a mission to get in svelte and in shape, I decided to take my 34 year old body on the court.

Yesterday I was on the court for a good hour or so, and I was alone. I did shooting drills, some cardio and I worked on regaining my touch, so that I would not make an absolute fool of myself whenever that magical, mystical day came when I'd actually play with others rather than myself (that's what she said). Little did I know that day would come today.

I went outside about 2:30 with the intent of doing the same type of workout I did yesterday. Then I was asked to play a game of "33", then more people showed up, and I was asked to play 3-on-3. I was tired after that game, but my shot felt good, so I decided to play a FULL court game off 4-on-4, then eventually 5-on-5, and this is where the wheels came off. I had not played a game that intense since last summer, so I was tired, I was a step slow, I was cranky ,and although I played decent, I felt every bit of 34 year old. The younger kids still called me "little man", so I know I at least LOOKED young, but this 40 something man who was on the court too, looked at me and said, "man its tough for guys like us huh?" I wanted to smash his toes. Anyway, it felt good to be out there again, and playing basketball like that will go a long way towards whipping my ass back in shape.

By the way, I am switching back and forth between the Grammys and Dateline, and I noticed that Chris Hansen is actually doing a non-child predator story. Way to not be typecast Chris. Although I must admit, those "To Catch A Predator" shows are a staple with my lady and I. Not that I enjoy laughing at that issue, but damn if it isn't funny to see those people get caught, and then say, "I was just going to talk to the kid"


sixfive said...

HAH. I also went out to play yesterday, I've been gettin back into it slowly since I joined a work league this month.. I started by running in the gym so I could make it up and down the court.
Yesterday I played 2 games of 5 on 5 then a 3 on 3 halfcourt and man I'm sore.. somehow my damn HIPS are sore. We gotta get out one of these days. Maybe the spot on P St?

rashad said...

There's a court on P St? I'd be down to play, especially if the weather is nice during this upcoming long weekend

sixfive said...

Yeah it's between 16th and 17th on P. You might have seen it before, it has a large graffiti wall on the side of the court. Next weekend works for me if it's warm-ish out.

rashad said...

That's a bet.