Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So I am in the midst of trying to play matchmaker for third or fourth time in my life, and I'm pretty excited about it. It takes a certain degree of arrogance to think that you can take two individuals who know nothing about one another except the matchmaker, and then think they can hit it off..but I think I can pull this off(that's what she said).

On one side we have a man who I see around town quite often when I hang out. He is also a member of the same website I frequent, and from what I have been able to gather from my interactions as well as what he writes, he is a cool, funny guy. Then on the other side we have a woman who I have known for about four years now both personally and professionally. For whatever reason, she has not had much luck at all in the relationship department, and its a shame, because she's a very nice lady. This is where I step in and do my Hitch impression.

My plan is to tell both of them to meet me at a happy hour that I know of, where lots of people will be. I'll introduce them to one another, hang around a bit, and then slip out the backdoor, while they get acquainted. My lady suggested that I give them both each other's information, and then let them handle it from there and stay out of it. I suppose that would work too, but they seems too hands off for my taste. So I am now taking me out please.

**disclaimer on** Those of you who know me are probably trying to figure out who these people are, and I'd like to respectfully ask you not to ask me their names. I'm trying to make some magic happen here, and no meddling (except for the kind I'm doing) will be tolerated. Thanks a bunch**disclaimer off**

I would like to thank Obama for dragging last night's Congressional address on for so damn long. When he spoke in hushed tones, no one stood up and applauded they just listened intently. When he pointed his finger, but some bass in his voice and was emphatic, the crowd could not WAIT to stand up and applaud as if an opera singer had just held a note for 3 minutes like the man in this Bugs Bunny skit In fact at one point, I saw Elijah Cummings use the faces of two fellow congressmen to help him stand up quicker. Next time, Obama should do the entire Congressional address in a Steven Wright monotone.

I think this article I wrote will appeal to even non-basketball fans. Please read it. Then after that watch the video to the right of it with my main man Ryan interviewing Kevin McHale. Funny stuff.

She Said(Jay Dee remix) - Pharcyde
This song has the important distinction of being my current ringtone. Great song

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