Friday, February 20, 2009

So last night, my lady and I decided to veer away from the usual Thursday night routine of relaxing at home and watching NBC must-see-tv, and we went to two different bar/lounges. The first one we went to, Euphoria, is run by my friend Brent who cooked that marvelous meal for my lady and I on Valentine's Day. The other place we went to is called Indulj (that spelling annoys me to no end) and the event on this night was promoted by my lady's longtime friend.

We had been to Euphoria before, so we knew what to expect. Cheap drinks, big screen television, all kinds of fried foods and a relaxed, quiet atmosphere. There were only about 7 or 8 people in the lounge and we were able to sip wine and talk about solving the world's problems. But this Indulj (pronounced Indulge) place was another story all together. First, save for a few, Indulj seemed to be full of people with an inflated sense of importance. The way they talked, the drinks they were drinking, and just the overall vibe annoyed me(as if that's difficult to do). Secondly, there weren't enough chairs at the bar, and the all the other seats were gone. This is probably our fault for arriving late, but I choose to blame it on the establishment. Then, between my lady and I, we asked the bartender 3 times to change the channel, and she kept saying only the manager had permission to do that. Allow to expand on this.

First of all, the bartenders are on the front lines, not the manager(s), so THEY need to have control of the remote, because tipsy, to drunk patrons want to watch what they want to watch. Secondly, unless there is a major sporting event on television, in no way, shape or form, should you have the same game on two televisions. It is counterproductive and waste of electricity. And thirdly, when the manager did show up, the bartender made zero attempts to relay my message for a channel change.

So here we were standing up, watching a boring game, waiting for my lady's friend to arrive and I was just annoyed, but I did not start acting up by antagonizing people. I sat there patiently until my lady was ready, and told the bartender she was ready for the check. It took the bartender 20 effing minutes to remember my lady's request, and it was just a mess. To top it all off, there was a band there playing smooth jazz and R&B covers, and it was corny and cliched.

In closing, if you live in DC or you plan on visiting, give Euphoria your business and forgo Indulj. If you have relatives that work at Indulj, or you've been there before and had a fantastic time, please feel free to prove my one experience there to be a lie.

Desire - En Vogue
This is yet another song that I want a striptease too

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Anonymous said...

i knew it was a reason I kept skipping Indulj when people would ask me to come out. I've also come to the realization that Euphoria has spoiled me.