Saturday, March 28, 2009

*Disclaimer* - When it is time for my lady and I to have another child I will happy with a girl or a boy.

So today after my swim lesson, I hit the shower, dried off, and headed towards my locker and in the back of the locker room, when I noticed a father and his 4 or 5 year old daughter. I saw the both of them in the pool earlier, and I must admit they were cute. The daughter was getting a lesson, any time she got scared, Dad was right there with words of encouragement. When the little girl did something right, the Dad was right there with a high five or a handclap. The dad tried his best not to undermine the swimming instructor, and the swimming instructor tried her best not to undermine the parent. It was a great give and take and the child was definitely in good hands.

Once the lesson was over, there was no way in the world the father could walk around in the women's locker room, so that brings us right back to me seeing them in the men's locker room. The daughter kept running all around the locker room, and luckily for her and the Dad, there was no one else around. But at one point, I was clutching to my towel for dear life just to avoid any awkward situations. They took a shower together, and then went back to Dad's locker, then they went to the sink to blow dry her hair, then they walked out.

Now, maybe this guy was a single father, or maybe mom had to work or maybe Dad drew the short straw and had to take the girl to the locker room, but it just look awkward. I wouldn't be showering with my little, and I damn sure wouldn't feel comfortable parading her around a bunch of men. I think I'd be paranoid that my daughter would see too much too soon, and then turn into some wild sex maniac (hyperbole). I am terrified of having a daughter just because of those possible awkward moments.

Feel free to tell me how irrational I'm being.

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Anonymous said...

Great for the Wizards. I hope Gilbert is at least 80%. Their downturn has been such a series of unfortunate events.

Now to the daughter thing... So who's gonna take your little princess to the potty during your precious daddy/daughter date time? Or when you're out running errands with little rashida? Mother's have to do it with both genders. Wait til the summer hits with the outdoor pools/water parks. You can't have a random woman with you at all times nor should you trust just anyone to perform any task in the restroom with your offspring. So regardless if dude was single, shortstraw, etc. he was performing his daddy duties. Its a part of the job my friend. The momma shouldn't have to do everything just because they are the same gender.

Now the showering part-maybe he kept his swimsuit on, I'm not sure about both being naked if the kid is 5. But some people see nudity differently. So if she's seeing daddy naked at 5, then I'm sure seeing other men naked in the locker room is something he took into account. Interesting post.

Are you reading any father/daughter books just in case? I can't recommend any, just asking.

Chubbs said...

i had a similar situation, where i was in the locker room at my gym and a woman brought her 5 year old son in with her. There were tons of naked women, and she made no attempts to shield him from them. Now, I feel two ways about it--1)Nudity is natural, and he's a child, and it's a good thing that he's informed about the female and male anatomy at an early age--he's gonna find out anyway. 2)Then there's the old-fashioned me, that feels that his anatomy lesson doesn't need to include a bunch of naked women in a gym locker room. It's a slippery slope.