Monday, March 09, 2009

I know I haven't mentioned my son too often, and that's because he is living in Tuscon, Arizona, way too far from me. But, he is on his spring break right now, and from this Friday to Monday, he will spending time with me...finally. 3 days is not nearly enough time for us to do all the things I truly want to do, but I try my hardest to squeeze everything in (that's what she said). One of the main things I want to do is have yet another sex talk. We had one last year, and as expected his eyes glazed over, and he was noticeably uncomfortable as I threw around the clinical terms for words and actions that he almost definitely heard the slang terms for in his young 11 year travels. I identified the organs, told him where to put things, told him what women have, the feelings that go with it, and that he should try to wait until he's much older, but if not he MUST be protected. But now he's been away from me for several months, and although I've asked his other two parents to pick up where I left off, they are semi-competent assclowns, and they probably didn't do jack. I will gladly do it again..

I can readily admit though, the thought of my son doing the very thing that I did to bring him in this world, creeps me out beyond belief. Its not quite as bad as having to face the mental pictures of someone(man or woman..just to be fair) going in and out of my daughter, but it is still an image that I never hope to see or picture you know? In my mind he's still that infant who can't hold his head up, and smiles up at me when he sees me step into the room. Now he's 11, on the brink of puberty, and when he sees me he has that look of indifference(a look I also possess) 90% of the time. Not to be crass, but something tells me he and that look of indifference are going to get more ass than I can shake a stick at, and as a father how do I prepare him for that? I'm sure I'll figure it out right?

Anyway, besides that, I am very excited. I hope he is too. Oh and one more thing, the movie Watchmen was TERRIBLE. It was too long, too violent, and the plot just wasn't very believable. I've heard there is a book to go with it, and that's much better. We'll see about that. I want my money and my 3 hours back.

Synchronicity - The Police

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Jamal said...

Let me know how that works out for you. I still have some years left.