Monday, March 30, 2009

I made the Washington Post!!!!
(see the link below the video)
Hoops Addict is taking over the (sports) world!!!
or something like that


sixfive said...

hey hey! Congrats, man.

rashad said...

Thank you sir!!

Chubbs said...

congrats rashad! wooo hoo! *big smile*

Anonymous said...


Sab D said...

I'm doing the haymaker swinging dance like my man from the old HU student union.

Because you wrote the piece .... The line that says the wizards have seen no parts of the lead - I could hear you imitating my man from school daze when be was hazing half pint.

Your talent is flourishing ..... Just for the record, you mentioned sadness at the demise of newspapers. But newspapers are giving way to the medium in which you excel - so in all realness, when those two seemingly seperate coinicidences converge, you'll have what? A talented Rashad blowing the he** up! Forget Rome is on Fire - how bout Rashard on Ice or the Mobley Moment as the intro to the first & second halves of each game.

The sky is the limit!

rashad said...

Thank you Chubbs and Sha
And thank you Sabin. I sure as hell did write that with Big Brother AlmighTEE in mind. And I see you throwing in some Ms. Whitehead..