Monday, March 23, 2009

If Barack Obama's bowling experience makes him feel like he's a Special Olympics participant, then I am right there with him. And unlike Obama, I am not apologizing for using Special Olympics athletes as a point of reference. I am not making fun of them or mocking their accomplishments, but the reality is they have serious physical and mental issues to overcome in addition to the athletic event they are attempting to conquer. Obama and I bowl like we are overcoming some deep serious physical challenges, when in reality, we just plain suck.

This past Saturday, I bowled a 64 and a 94. During my first game, I had three straight turns of straight gutter balls. My ball would start off so promising, and then it would find a home in the gutter. My lady and the other 4 people in attendance tried to be polite at first, and then they just started laughing at me straight up. When the second game started, I showed tremendous by starting off with a strike, and then I was just inconsistent from that point on. Everyone else was having fun, and so was I up to a point, but I was mad that at my lack of bowling skill. Now, for the excuses.

1) I hadn't bowled in 8 years
2) I was drinking beer while bowling
3) I'm left-handed (so is Barack by the way).

I'm dragging my girl and whoever else wants to come back to a bowling alley, and I'm upping my game. In a completely unrelated note, I would like to thank my main man sixfive, who put me on to Goldie, per my request on Friday. I know I am late catching on to the drum and bass, but I am loving it nonetheless. Thank you. I would also like to thank the men in my gym for continuing to parade around nude at 6am. That's how you start off a work week.

House of Cards - The Foreign Exchange


sixfive said...

hah! Glad you got it already. The sad part is, after Timeless, you will probably be disappointed by all other drum and bass. Another British electronic album I like a lot is Burial - Untrue. It's 'dubstep', a bit different from d+b but I like it a lot.

rashad said...

It does seem to be awfully hit or miss with drum and bass. I like 4Hero and this Goldie cd, but aside from that, it doesn't move me. I'll try your other suggestion

Janelle said...

My bowling score is superb. Well, when I play on my Wii it is. hahahahahaaa
Otherwise, Barack you and I are all on the same special team.

Jazzbrew said...

If you need some bowling instruction holla at me. I've been bowling in leagues since I was in my mid teens and held down a 200+ average in several houses. I'm currently in semi-retirement from competition.

I've also come to realize that all the sports I'm involved in now allow me to drink while performing... bowling and golf. Sad state of affairs...