Saturday, March 07, 2009

So after my 30 minute swim lesson this morning, I decided that I wanted an additional workout, so I went to play basketball. Initially when I stepped on the court, there was only one other guy out there, so we both shot on our respective baskets. After about 20 minutes, folks slowly starting filtering in, and eventually there were 6 other people, 8 of us total. Seven guys and one woman.

Now I've played with and against women before, so this was no big deal to me at all. She was on my team, and she clearly had game, and after about 5-10 minutes, I was way more concerned with my team winning the game, because to lose would mean I'd have to sit out for at least 15-20 minutes.

At one point, I made a shot from the outside with a hand in my face, and my teammates all high-fived me...except for the woman. The woman bypassed my hand, and slapped me on the ass the way some guys do from time to time. Now, I didn't have time to react or say anything, because the opposing team was running down the floor, and I had to get back on defense. But in my head I was thinking, "Why the ass?" She could have opted for the high five like everyone else. Was she trying extra hard to prove that she was "one of the guys? Was she just trying to get a free feel? Or was I just over thinking things as usual? And more importantly, if I was to do that to her (which I wouldn't) what would her reaction be?

I was on her team for two more games, and I made plenty of good shots after that, but she never touched me again. After my last game I started to just ask her why she slapped my ass, but that would have come off as slightly neurotic right?

Do the Right Thing - Ludacris and Common


Jamal said...

There are so many directions that I can take this. Wow

Chubbs said...

She was likely having a little harmless fun with you. but why again was she playing on an all male team? lesbian?? or just trying to cop some free feels??