Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So Mr. Michael Jackson allegedly will be touring in London this summer in what is being billed as his last European hurrah. He's doing something like 40 shows at 50 years old, and I am sure it will be a dazzling display assuming it really happens. If it does, here is my dream writing assignment...

Because Michael is a perfectionist, I am quite sure he starting practicing and getting his body into shape BEFORE he called this press conference. He probably just tested his body and his vocals a little bit just to see if they were serviceable, and once they were, he decided that he could really go through with the intense preparation it takes to put on 40-50 shows. I would like to take my little camera, my pen, my pad and my laptop(redundant I know) and follow Mr. Jackson from now until he's finished with his shows. I'd want full access to his band, his handlers, his background singers, Michael himself, and by the end of the experience, I would want to be considered as one of his boys...well men. Here would be my selling point..

I'd tell Michael look..yes you sold out all 50 shows, and yes this may give you a false sense of confidence again, but you still have numerous fans to win over. So why don't you let me write and film you, you can have a slight hand in the editing process, and we can release this as a DVD. This will get people excited for a possible new album, this will allow people to get a better perspective on your weird ass, and it thrusts me into a higher tax bracket. Plus you've never allowed anyone to have this kind of extended access. And on top of all that, I am a fan, so I won't exploit you like that Bashir fellow. Everyone wins. It sounds like a good enough idea right? We'll see.

Another Part Of Me - Michael Jackson
aka the Captain Eo song..

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