Monday, March 30, 2009

When my son was here with me a few weeks back, we got into a discussion about sports posters, and which ones I had when I was younger. I told him the first two sports posters I had were Michael Jordan, James Worthy, and Eric Dickerson. I explained to my son that I put each of them up with ugly manila masking tape, and my father promptly took them down and asked me to put them up neatly, and that's exactly what I did. I then asked my son what posters he currently had in his room, and he said none, and my mouth dropped. For my son to be as big of a sports fan as he is and his mother and stepfather had not purchased any type of poster, was just criminal, but correctable.

So a few hours later when we returned to my house, we sat down at the very laptop I am typing on now, and we went to, and found posters of his two favorite basketball players: Dwyane Wade and LeBron James (I spellchecked them Ryan). We ordered them online, and they were to be delivered to his house in one to two weeks. Last night, when I called my son, he informed that not only had the posters arrived, but he (by himself) put the posters up that same day, and he was happy to finally have some posters of his two favorite athletes.

I have a lot of resentment, anger and frustration regarding my role in my son's life during the past 11 years or so, but I try my best to put it behind me. And when rewarding moments like that take place, I tend to forget all about, and just soak in the moment, and it felt damn good. Eventually he'll tell his friends, his cousins and down the road maybe even his kids about the first poster(s) he ever received.

I asked my son how he put the posters up, and he didn't say manila masking tape..he said he used push pins. Smart man.

If you have not read my article on Gilbert Arenas returning to the Washington Wizards on Saturday, please read it.

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£ said...

The way Mr Wade spells his first name will forever kill me. Its right up there with the popular pronunciation of Favre. They both offend my sensibilities lol.

My first posters were of not of sports figures but of "forever my lady" era Jodeci. I had painstakenly ripped them out of tiger beat or maybe it was right on! Anyway one of those mags. A group pic, and then solo pics of Dalvin and Devante (sorry jojo and k-ci) and hung them on the wall with regla ol scotch tape.

My mom didn't say anything but when my dad came in my room he told me do take those "half naked" dudes off my wall. He said it looked tacky and that the tape was ruining the paint or something. WHATEVER cuz when my brothers had up pic of sports stars he ain say nothin! Personally I think he thought I was gonna turn into a boy crazy nympho. Str8 hatin! Of course it was tacky but I was 13. some tacky should be allowed. As you can see I am still scarred by this inequity. But enough about me. That's dope you got your son some posters. I'm sure he'll treasure the moments when you guys picked them out. :-)

...oh and should you have a daughter let her hang up on her wall posters of whatever half naked dudes she wants. Lest you get aired out in a blog. :-(

rashad said...

You can Antawn(pronounced An-twan) Jamison to that list too..

and i'll let my daughter hang pics of half nekkid male athletes. But no half nekkid pop see how Jodeci turned out

Ryan said...

Good ole spell check... HA!