Friday, April 17, 2009

I don't know if you have noticed or cared, but I have been stuck in what may quite possibly be the worst writer's block of my writing life. It has affected my blog, its affected my Hoops Addict articles, and it is absolutely frustrating. I'd like to think of myself as an above average writer, and this stretch has just taken my ego and stomped it. It could be burnout from the combination of writing a blog and about basketball; it could be all of the wonderful writing ideas I have for this summer; or it could just be that my brain is tired and needs a rest. I have no clue. But I do the perfect place to free one's mind from the shackles of writer's block: the airport.

The amount of stimulus in an airport is just plain golden. You have folks reuniting, people separating, kids running wild, pilots looking focused, flight attendants looking hoeish, airport staff acting mean, luggage being thrown. And I won't even mention the airport bars where magical language and behavior are on display. If you just sit down with a pen, some paper or a laptop, you can EASILY find something to get the creative juices flowing and then some. I am headed to Cleveland, Ohio for the weekend to see my mother, grandparents and others, which means I will have TWO chances to emerge from this writer's block. I think I'll start with an airport bar, and work my way out.

And no writing about how much I have writer's block doesn't mean I don't have it anymore..although I certainly gave it some thought. Also if you haven't already, I'd like for you to visit Hoops Addict (now in HD) and watch the videos, read the articles, and then read mine. My main man Ryan has worked hard at improving the look of the site, and even though I personally am having a tough time adjusting to it, I still would like to hear feedback from you, the customer(s).

And now, in honor of the writer's block I am having, I thought I'd link a song from a rapper/writer who seemingly never had writer's block(except for the past 9 years he hasn't released anything) and that's Rakim. THE best rapper of all arguments.

Know The Ledge - Eric B & Rakim


Jazzbrew said...

"THE best rapper of all arguments."

I'm with you homey. Let the church say amen.

Sab D said...

Hoops addict is too polished - almost too pristine. Needs so more edge. Now the graffitti moniker doesn't fit the "calm" of the website pages.

Now if y'all was selling female skim moisturizer - then that site is perfect!

Janelle said...

you should read playboy in the airport and report back what happened. Oh and have your lady read playgirl as she sits next to you. I want to read how THAT goes. hahahahahahahahahahaa