Saturday, April 11, 2009

It is around 9am on Saturday morning, and I have more energy than you could shake a stick at. I got plenty of sleep last night in preparation for my alleged flag football game this morning, because it was cancelled because of rain and a poorly drained field, which is complete and utter bullshit, but hey I don't make the rules. So then I went out and did a 3 mile run, and then took a shower hoping that would make me sleepy, but I STILL have energy. My gym opens for basketball in exactly 90 minutes, so hopefully I can hold out until then, but watch me fall asleep in an hour...

I saw the movie I Love You Man, which was actually an alright movie, although there were some borderline ghey moments that aren't at all representative of two heterosexual men who are friends. Or perhaps my own insecurities are once again coming to light..who knows. Rashida Jones was not bad to look it at either..

You'd think with all this energy, I'd be able to write something more creative, but not so much...

Here is a good interview of Questlove from the Roots

Loran's Dance - Grover Washington Jr.


nichole said...

i love you, man was not even aight.
that ish was horrible.
i'm mad i wasted money to go see it.
i was very disappointed.

no chemistry between paul rudd and rashida jones.
paul rudd didn't seem comfortable in his character, and he does "awkward" very well.

yucky poopoo to this movie!

rashad said...

damn Nichole... Paul Rudd is awkward though, I like him better in non romantic movies..