Friday, April 03, 2009

My beloved Washington Wizards pulled off a wonderful upset last night, and I'll be writing an article on it later on today for Hoops Addict. But in the meantime, allow me to mention something that will NOT be in the article.

Last night at halftime of the game, I met Michael Bivins of New Edition fame. He was about Emmanuel Lewis' height so I barely recognized him, but once I did, I stopped him and engaged in the following conversation:

Me: Mr. Bivins? How are you sir?
Bivins: What's good family?
Me: I don't want to bother you, I just want to say I grew up with you, N.E. and B.B.D, and I've always been a big fan
Bivins:: Aw man I appreciate that..wait are you with the media (he saw my press pass)
Me: Yes I write for a site called Hoops Addict
Bivins: : Oh ok that's cool
**awkward pause**
Me: : Ok well enjoy the rest of the game, I gotta get back to my seat
Bivins : *gives me the handshake/half-hug* No doubt baby, thanks for the love

Now, maybe I should have interviewed him right quick, since he is a huge basketball fan, but to be honest I didn't want to. I feel stupid going up to people I know and admire sometimes, because after the initial introductions, there is ALWAYS an awkward pause that I live my whole life to avoid. When I am doing basketball related interviews this is never a problem. If I were to meet Michael Jackson, Obama, Alan Greenspan, Obama, Roger Federer, or any person from my list of people I want to meet, I'd never run out of things to say. But Michael Bivins is kind of a mid-level celebrity, and 2 seconds into our convo, I said in my head, "Oh no what have I done?" Still, it was worth a blog mention.

By the way, the whole time I was talking to Bivins, I was wishing I had a basketball in my hand, so I could spin by him, and tap him on the head, as seen at the 3:32 mark of the video below:

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Anonymous said...

You are wrong for saying Mike Bivins is Emmanuel Lewis' height! Funny!