Monday, April 20, 2009

This blog entry is a rant, bear with me..

My doctor's appointment this morning was at 7:30 am, which meant I did the responsible thing, and I walked into the appointment at 7:20. The receptionist took my insurance and my co-pay, then took my blood pressure, temperature and heart rate, and sat me in a room while I waited for the doctor to see me. Before I left the receptionist's desk, I peered over the counter to see if anyone had an appointment before I did, and there were 2. One person had a 7am appointment, and the next person had a 7:15, so I was pretty encouraged that my wait would be a brief one. Not so much.

I sat in that damn waiting room for exactly 32 minutes waiting for my doctor to come see me. I heard him making small talk with every damn body but me. I heard him walk in and out of the other waiting rooms, but he never so much as poked his head in mine to say hello, we're running late, or be right with you sport..I got nothing. I was simply there for a follow up visit, which meant all he had to was look at my blood test results, determine if my cholesterol and blood sugar were more normal, if not give me corrective action, if so send me on my merry way. I was highly upset by the time he did come in my office, but I was encouraged because my numbers are moving down precipitously, which is a relief. Still, if I'm early or at least on time (early in the morning no less), I think I deserve a little on time service. If I rolled in 30 minutes late, my appointment would be pushed to another day, or my wait would be 2 hrs.

On a lighter note, the following conversation went down between myself and a lady on the train

Her (adjusting her umbrella): Its a mess out there
Me: yeah
Her: I should have worn jeans
Me: yeah me too
Her: A lot of people complain about this weather, but I like when its wet and sloppy like this
Me: That's what he said
Her: Excuse me?
Me: never mind

I wish my friends, family and blogging audience had been there to share my joy with that conversation. I don't know if reads as funny as it actually me at least

Good Love - Anita Baker


scout said...

that was mad inconsiderate of your doc. i hope you told him so. i would've been heated too.

blue said...

i laughed! (@ the lady on the train convo)