Thursday, April 09, 2009

This will probably read more like a diary than a blog..

Yesterday towards the end of my work day, I went to the restroom to fix my clothes in the mirror and tidy up a bit. As I was taught when I was about 5 years old, I pulled my pants down to my ankles, smoothed and pulled my shirts all the way down, the pulled my pants back up, tightened my belt, re-smoothed my shirt, and then I looked in the mirror to re-evaluate my situation.

Since I had gotten dressed at around 7:30am that morning, I hadn't really realized what my full ensemble looked like until just now at 5pm, and I realized that I looked kind of good. Its not often I feel this way about what I put on, so I was reveling in this moment. This is going to sound very Sex-And-The-City-ish, but normally there is an extreme disconnect between an outfit I think looks good in my head and how good it actually looks on me. I say all this to say, I got it right yesterday for once. So while I was in the mirror acknowledging this mini-miracle of me getting the execution of an outfit right, I started doing this stupid Johnny Gill dance(the one he does at the 2:48 mark of the video), and I was cracking myself up..

But then someone walked in the bathroom in the middle of me acting like a jackass, and I was caught. I tried to just stop and hold the pose, but that had me looking even crazier, so I just acting like I was washing my hands, and I rolled out of there. Unfortunately for me, the guy who walked on me "dancing" happened to be a security guard for my building, so now I have opened myself up to a ridiculous amount or ridicule and there's not a damn thing I can do about it.

Thank God there no cameras in the restroom.

Only You - Jill Scott
I think this is now my favorite song of her latest cd. Although I suspect Anita Baker would do it way more justice


£ said...

Um.. what makes you think there were no cameras in the restroom? Or that the security guard didn't have a mini cam on him? You sure he wasn't a scurrilous character? LOL (i just wanted to use the word scurrilous)

I'd be on youtube alert if i was you :)

oh yeah kudos on looking good yesterday. I was rockin and shockin myself, which was amazing given the fact that i usually rock what i've dubbed "trash can couture" lol

rashad said...

Lex if I show up on youtube, I will post it up here on my blog for one day, then lobby hard to get it deleted permanently

Sab D said...

That shirt & tie was madd nice ... but the Johnny Gill dance - Man, that's hilarious. I only do that dance in my home!