Thursday, May 21, 2009

Reason #4562 I know I'm getting old...

My lady and I have an unhealthy obsession with the Weather Channel. In the morning when we wake up, we anticipate the "On the 8s" update that starts at 8 after every hour, and repeats every 10 minutes thereafter. After work, but before dinner, we check the weather again, for not only the next day, but for the next 5-7 days thereafter. After dinner, but before bedtime, we check it again, and then there's that one final check before bedtime that takes place around 11 or 12. Then you have instances like Monday, when my lady tried to sneak and watch the channel, when she thought I wasn't paying attention, but I caught her ass.

This type of behavior is acceptable during the winter months, since snowstorms and the proposed accumulation totals change on an hourly basis. I'd even venture to say that during a hurricane season, it is totally understandable if one checks the weather channel on an hourly basis just to be sure nothing bad is going to happen. Or if you're headed to a baseball game the next day, and you want to make sure a rain out isn't coming, then a peek at that channel is paramount. But even then, you can check once or twice, and get the information you need..not 5-6 times. But we are at the tail end of Spring/beginning of Summer, and the weather simply does not vary that much. Whether its sunny, rainy or cloudy, the same weather pattern that's shown at 8am, is shown again at 8pm. The 5 day forecast may vary a bit, but to dwell on that is pointless because you know damn well you will have looked at the forecast 456 times before 2 of the 5 days go by.

What's the allure of that channel besides the weather? You have the smooth talking, radio DJ voice guy, who sounds like Chris Hansen may have paid him a visit at some point in his life. You have the smooth jazz that annoys me 99% of the time, but somehow seems to fit so well with sun, cloud, rain and snow pictures/drawings. And then finally, you have these Weather Channel "news" anchors who look so damn happy, that you would not be at all surprised if they all had a raging orgy shortly before and right after they went on the air. You add that all up, and you have the anatomy of a unhealthy obsession.

Thank you allowing me air my confession.

Feeding Off The Love Of The Land - Stevie Wonder


Sab D said...

I could just y'all on the couch, some popcorn, a little wine - "damn baby, it's a thunderstorm in Iowa"

rashad said...

But Sab can you picuture us sitting around saying its cold and we don't know what time it is?

scout said...

lol, yall are hilarious. loved this entry.