Tuesday, May 05, 2009

So I have been swimming at 6am for about 3 months now at the Jewish Community Center, I absolutely love it. There aren't really a lot of folks who look like me there, but the facilities are good, the people are friendly, and it is never crowded, which works perfectly for relatively new swimmer like myself. Even when I go play basketball, everyone is my age, and the games are ultra competitive, but most importantly everyone is friendly,pleasant and non-crazy. I knew that 3 month streak of good luck could not continue.

This morning after my swim, I did my daily morning nude romp around the locker room(it was empty or so I thought) when all of a sudden I heard this guy singing reggae music at the top of his lungs. I quickly headed to the shower, and from the time I got in there, from the time I finished putting on my clothes to go play basketball, he had covered 5 songs (and yes I remember them all)

1)You Got Me Going In Circle - Friends of Distinction
2)Goodbye Love - Guy
3)Here I Come - Barrington Levy
4)Betch By Golla Wow - The Stylistics
5)I'm For Real - Howard Hewitt.

Now I love the real version of all those songs, and if they were being blasted in the locker room, I'd love it to death. But to hear this guy(who looked to be in his early 40s) singing these songs at the top of his lungs at 6:30 am was just too much to take. Now as you know from reading my blog, I frequently take the high road in these instances and just walk away, but I simply could not do it, since he was personally offending me. And here's what happened:

Me:(at the tail end of his Howard Hewett song): What's going on man?
Him: What's going on young brother?
Me: I'm chilling...You're singing kind of loud aren't you?
Him: Hell yeah man I'm trying to wake up
Me: Well what if I don't want to wake up yet (half laughing, half serious)
Him (all out laughing): good point, good point, I'll tone it down, but man I gotta get pumped
Me: Hey, I hear that. I do dig the song selection though
Him (getting naked at this point): Oh man I got songs for days
Me: (walking away): Alright man, once the clothes come off I'm gone
Him: Oh my fault brother
Me (already gone)

Now, I realize I was violating his space by talking to him at his locker, so he was well within his right to strip naked, but damn, give me some warning or something. Anyway, after I left him, I went to play ball for 15 minutes, I came back in the locker room and he was sitting in the steam room singing Barrington Levy's, "Here I Come" again. And yes he was yelling. Although this time I just cracked up laughing, but the other men in the locker room clearly weren't amused.

And now I will play the REAL Barrington Levy song. Just imagine hearing this loudly, and off key, less than an hour after you woke up from a good night's sleep.

Barrington Levy - Here I Come


£ said...

you know what a great song is by the friends of distinction? "I really hope you do." Its probably my favorite song by them, jessica cleaves rocked it.

but look at you swimming! you're well on your way to phelps status sans the butterface of course.

You totally should have left homie alone with the singing but you wouldn't be Rashad if you did. lol. Next time you hear him singing you should join in. it can be like the movie duets. flip a coin to see who is gwyneth paltrow. :-P

rashad said...

I think Friends of Distinction sings Smiling Faces too..I like that one as well. I could be wrong though..

Janelle said...

I agree with Lex...you should have just started singing just as badly (and from across the room to avoid the nekkidness). That's what Larry David would do! hahahahaa

scout said...

I think I would've said something too. That was rude of him. He wasn't at home in his own bathroom. But I'm glad he didn't get huffy with you. For a minute I thought this post was going to end with a fight.

Blue said...

I'm going to be laughing about this entry for days! So great.