Monday, May 11, 2009

This morning I finally used the loofah I purchased on Saturday, and I have nothing but glowing reviews. I only had to apply a little bit of soap, and I was able to create a sudsy, soapy delight right there in the shower. It felt much smoother on my skin than a regular washcloth, and I found myself getting mildly aroused the longer I washed myself. The biggest drawback? I couldn't rinse the damn thing out good enough. Each and every time I ran water over it to get it clean, the suds seemingly multiplied like Gremlins. So I guess tomorrow when I get in the shower, I won't even have to re-apply soap, I can just pick it up and start washing, which works for me. So I will publicly thank my lady for insisting that I make that switch from washcloth to loofah. I'm not looking back.

Yesterday, we went to see the documentary Tyson, and I can honestly say I have mixed feelings about it. The good parts? It was nice hearing Tyson candidly reflect on all aspects of his life. You often times hear his friends, enemies, and handlers talk about him, but to hear Tyson in his own words go through his own experiences was refreshing. It was also nice to see clips from his old fights, which were always much bigger events than any of the fights you see today (except for the upcoming Pacquiao/Mayweather fight). The downside? At 90 minutes, this documentary was MUCH too short. They could have easily stretched this to 3 hours, and I am quite sure that everyone would be as captivated and interested as I was for that brief 90 minute period of time. Or, given the way things are packaged and marketed these days, they could have a whole 2-3 more hours of material that would be shoved into the release of the DVD. Either way, I found myself feeling fulfilled and cheated at the same time. I still recommend it though. Plus before the movie, there was a trailer for a movie called Soul Power, which looked pretty damn interesting.

Between the Sheets - Fourplay featuring Chaka Khan


Jamal said...

This first paragraph needs to be paused man...

nichole said...

uhm. you're gonna need to apply more soap.

what i do is rinse rinse rinse then spin (by twirling the rope handle thingy around my finger) b/c not only do you want to get rid of excess soap but the water as well.

next stop: shower gloves, buddy.
you'll really notice a difference.

sixfive said...

I will definitely be going to see this, mad I didn't see it this weekend. Instead we went to lauriol plaza and drank margaritas, as you know.