Saturday, May 09, 2009

When you are a man in a relationship with a woman, there will be moments when she makes pointed recommendations and suggestions to you. These suggestions come from a place of love and goodwill, and most times it is absolutely the right way to go. Unfortunately, there are consequences and repercussions that come with accepting this kind of advice from your lady, as I am about to demonstrate right now.

As I've previously mentioned, I now use Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Soap to wash my body on a daily basis. It smells fresh, the bottle is chock full of reading material, and when the soap is strategically placed in the right area, it tingles in such a way, that your mate would and should be insanely jealous. Unfortunately, it never lasts quite as long as I would like, and given that the bottle is kind of expensive, its a pain to purchase. (Un)luckily for me, my lady had the solution while we were in Whole Foods this morning. She suggested a loofah.

Now, many a morning, I have longingly looked at my lady's loofah hanging up in the shower, and I've wondered how it would feel, but I would quickly snap out of that line of thought. It just seemed very effeminate (dumb reasoning I know). So when my lady suggested I pick one out today, I was extremely hesitant, but when she told me it would cut down on my soap usage and generate more suds, I was open to it. The colors I had to choose from were pink, white, bright green and baby blue. I choose the baby blue, and it about 15 minutes or so I test it out. I'm hoping the tingling power of the soap, mixed with with softness of the loofah, invokes a feeling that will make me NOT want to leave the shower.

The video you will see below is from the Jacksons Destiny Tour, which went down back in 1979. The song is "Show You The Way To Go", and I want to pay attention to how happy and confident Michael Jackson is..I'm not sure he still has this kind of performance in him, but if he does, I will gladly shell out any amount of money to see him.

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