Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yet another moment from the gym/locker room chronicles...

So this morning after I swim and shower, I am standing at my locker naked, because the door is jammed, and I can't seem to gain access to my clothes. I don't panic at all, because it is still 6:45, and apparently I am the only one who thought to get up and workout, with the exception of one other dude who was in the pool with me, but I was sure he would be in the pool for at least 10-15 more minutes...I was wrong

I hear this guy come into the locker room, and jump in the shower, and it was at this point, when I finally got the door to my locker open. I placed my towel on the bench, sat down (still naked) and began to put my clothes on, when I felt a tap on my shoulder. The following happened

Him: Excuse me sir, would you mind helping me for a second?
Me (LONG pause): Ok?
Him: I can't get this machine to work and I need help
Me: Ok, I'll be over there in a second
Him (just standing there still naked): Thanks!
Me (still sitting there naked): No problem..let me just finished getting dressed
Him: Well I'm kind of a in a hurry
Me (frantically grabbing for my towel): I got you man...

Now, a few things here. This machine that he speaks of is a bathing-suit-drying contraption that everyone uses. You get out of the pool, you put your suit in there, hold the door down, a loud noise comes on, and then in 30-45 seconds your suit is relatively dry. Its tricky sometimes, but not impossible to operate, but I guess this guy couldn't do it. Secondly, when you ask someone for help and they say yes, you're supposed to walk away, ESPECIALLY if both of you are naked. Its like in the shoe find a salesman, they say they can help you, and then you walk back from whence you came, and wait for the salesman to arrive. You don't just stand next to them..that's just putting unnecessary pressure on them. And lastly, why must you stand so close to me while naked? I'm not homophobic (OK maybe a little) but damn if I'm naked, freshly showered ,and relaxing, I damn sure don't want to be sidled up next to.

So as I am standing there with my towel on, I fix the machine, and his naked ass puts his hand on my shoulder and says thank you, and I said no problem, and quickly walked away. I didn't even finish drying off, I just put my clothes on and got the hell out of there. I wonder if women have these kinds of issues at the gym..


Anonymous said...

I got the impression that he asked *you* to fix it because you were black and assumed that the gym was your place of employment. I have never had anyone ask me for a favor, for example, like take a picture of me and then rush me to do so

rashad said...

Nah, he knows I don't work there, I've been seeing him swim there every morning for about 2-3 months now.

Kawana Cohen-Hopkins said...

HELL 2 the NO! I have been asked questions in the gym while getting dressed but I am usually at least half way dressed. I can see how this would make you uncomfortable.

Sab D said...

In the words of the late Robin Harris ... "it oughta be a da** law!"

Janelle said...

I have a question for Anonymous. Why would the guy assume that Rashad worked there if he were sitting in the locker room naked???? If the employees of your gym are walking around sans clothes, it might be time to find another gym.

scout said...

He was testing to you to see if you'd be down with the down low. It was early in the morning; nobody would've known. lol