Friday, June 12, 2009

I don't feel like writing today, so let me explain where I'll be tomorrow because its pretty effing exciting to me. GQ and Guinness Stout are hosting a day long conference in the heart of New York City called Blogs with Balls. I will be attending this conference on behalf of Hoops Addict so that I can network with other sports bloggers and discuss ideas, strategies, and schmooze with other members of the media. The conference will be the MOST relaxed one I have ever attended, because it will be in this bar. I am extremely excited to not only learn whatever I need to learn for Hoops Addict, but I'm also looking to learn somethings for myself too. I'll have a full report on Sunday.

Illuminations - Alice Coltrane and Carlos Santana

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scout said...

That sounds like huge fun. Hurr'up and post about it, por favor.