Sunday, June 07, 2009

A little over a month ago, I called up the Washington Post and cut off my Sunday paper delivery. They were much to inconsistent with getting me my paper, and I thought I'd be better served with just waking up and going to purchase it my damn self, and I told the customer service representative exactly that. That whole next week they still kept trying to call me, and get me to change my mind, and I explained to them that my decision was final and I ended it with a GFY. But then a funny thing happened..

Like a woman who has been dumped, but is determined to get her man back, the Washington Post has kept delivering the Sunday paper. Its like that episode of Seinfeld when George got fired, but still kept showing up for work. For 5 consecutive Sundays, both my paper and those ever elusive inserts have arrived on time and in my lobby. Every Sunday I go to make that trip to the drug store to purchase the paper, and while I'm en route, I see the paper. I don't know whether I am supposed to call and say thank you, or call them back to get them to stop, or just ride it out..I think I'll ride it..that's what she said.

And now I'll go back to watch Roger Federer make history...

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AT's Sports Blog said...


I'm a Senfeld nut, and I think your current relationship with the Washington Post is more in touch with the episode where George is trying to break up with his girlfriend, and decides to "date," his cousin (who's a little too tan) to make the other one jealous.

If I can loosely quote, "Oh my goodness, my steady girlfriend and the girl I'm in a torrid love affair with. I'm been caught in a web of my own lies."

Of course both girls decide in the end that despite the "mishap," they can make it work.

That seems to be the angle the Washington Post is taking too.

Just one guys thoughts!