Monday, June 29, 2009

Saturday morning, my lady and I went to the neighborhood pool, since it was a warm day. The pool opened at noon, and so she wanted to leave a little early, since it was highly likely that the nice day would bring hoards of people to the pool, and when we arrived she was exactly right. There were about 30 people already in line when we rolled up on the pool, and I immediately wanted to go home, but she talked me out of it. I bitched and moaned for a good 10 minutes, before I shut up, and just sat there resigned to my fate of waiting in line. Then I asked my lady how wrong I would be if I just walked up the front at noon, stepped in front of those people, and walked to the pool. My rationale? The pool hours say it opens at noon, I showed up at noon, not 11:30, so I get in first. She politely shot me forward to this morning.

This morning, I went to get blood drawn at a facility that opened at 8am. I rolled up on the building around 7:50, and there was already a line of about 30 people waiting outside the LabCorp entrance. I got comfortable in the 31st slot, and then I thought about the earlier conversation I had with my lady on Saturday about getting to the door when it opens as opposed to waiting. In my mind, I had nothing to lose. If it doesn't work, and I get yelled at, I'm a big boy and I can take it and go toe the back of the line.. But if it does work, I'm in and out of there with a quickness, and I can move on to my next doctor's appointment.

So when the LabCorp employees unlocked the door at 8am, I put my headphones on, mildly turned up the volume, and I walked to the front of the line. I heard some, "Hey what are you doings?", "I heard some, "hey, what the f**ks?", and one gentleman forcefully put his hand on my shoulder, but I stopped, looked him in the face, then looked at his hand on my shoulder, and he removed it and apologized (which was dumb, because I would have kept my hand there until I got an explanation). I walked in front of all but one person, and gave the nurse my paperwork, and she told me to come in the back to draw blood. This all happened in a matter of like 15 seconds too. The nurses didn't know I skipped in line, the people line were too shell shocked to really stop me, and I was out of there by 8:06am. As I walked past the line of people, I got called all kinds of names by whites, blacks, Hispanics, women and men. But I followed instructions, got to the door at the right time, and did my duty.

Nothing wrong with that right?

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scout said...

oh, i would've given you hell had i been standing in that line. everyone can't be seen at once. thats why we have lines. first in line, first to be served. but you know this. you cheated, rashad. tsk tsk