Thursday, June 25, 2009

So yesterday I am in the middle of a conversation with someone, when something came up that made me want to use some colorful language. I paused a bit, then I used f**k and s**t in the same sentence. I didn't stop to think how this person would receive it, or whether they would get offended, I just belted it out. Two seconds later, this person said to me, "Rashad you seem like an intelligent gentleman, with an extensive vocabulary, I don't know why you have to use language like that. That's the sign of a person with a limited use of the language?"

Oh really?

The first thing I wanted to say was "Oh yeah, well f**k you!!", but I decided to dig a little deeper. I said to her that I don't just seem intelligent, I am, and the tell tale sign that I am indeed intelligent is my ability to vacillate between thoughtful words and expletives. And then I ended with a "so f**k you", which didn't go over too well.

How dare she? There are times when you can utter the most eloquent, expletive free sentence in the world, and it can sound both beautiful and melodic. In the same token (as former Georgetown coach John Thompson always says) there are other instances when a curse word is vital to a sentence. It could be the placement of the word, the inflection with which the word is voiced, or the perfect combination of curse and regular words that make the sentence venomous, funny or both. I find it neither dumb nor lazy to use curse words, just a matter of personal preference. And as a friend of mine said, if she just politely asked me not to curse in front of her, I would have said no problem, and kept it moving.

By the way Cleveland fans, you can have LeBron, and you can add Shaquille O'Neal if you want to, you still aren't winning a title, and you still aren't beating the Wizards.

Also yesterday I recommend you go buy Kurt Elling's new cd. Today, I am offering a free download of a Wynton Marsalis cd. The music is from a Judith Jamison choreographed ballet named Here and Now, which was inspired by the late Flo Jo (who was on performance enhancing drugs, but that's another blog entry). Anyway, enjoy it, its excellent.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for Wynton's CD! I need it for this place called work!

Miss. Lady said...

Some times curse words are the lawry's seasoning salt on a sentence, it brings out the flavor.

Truth About It said...

I'm fuggin' with y'all ... sometimes no other word can get the nature of a point across like an effin' curse word.