Sunday, June 28, 2009

This entry lands in the could-not-make-it-up-if-I-tried department..

So I have just finished my 40 minute run, and I am walking towards my apartment when I notice a man petting a dog whose leash is tried around a parking meter. Nothing odd about that right? Let's delve deeper.

As I get closer I notice that the dog is wearing some type of shirt, and on both sides of the shirt, there are three messages in bold print. The first message said "Guide Dog", the second one said, "Do Not Pet", and the last one said, "Do Not Feed". And then I looked slightly to my left, and I saw this gentleman who clearly wasn't the owner. He was petting the dog, he was feeding the dog McDonalds hash browns, and he was saying, "Hey what's your name?" The dog, not having much of a mind of his own, was licking the food with reckless abandon and wagging his tail, because for this moment he had broken free from the clutches of his blind owner. Oh but that's not all my friends.

As I got closer to this man petting the guide dog, I noticed something hanging from his shorts, and I took one more look, then I said out loud, "Whoa Whoa!". The man was clearly going commando, and his beans(the frank stayed in) were hanging out of his shorts. I just shook my head and walked away, and then something else hit me. Why is a blind man in a store without his dog, and how the hell did he tie such a good knot around a parking meter. That is a quite a feat in and of itself. The whole scene reminded of me of those pictures in Highlights magazine when I was young. They'd show you a picture, and then ask you to find and circle all the things that were awry. If I had my camera with me, I'd have slapped that blind dog picture up on this blog, and given my readers a Sunday morning challenge. Not so much though.

Blood on the Dancefloor(remix) - Michael Jackson

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